Tuesday, 24 November 2015


I have been writing short stories on and off for the last 5 years. Most have never seen the light of day, some have been terrible and some I've been pleased with. I have experimented with different genres and styles and I suspect I always will although there are two I keep returning to, science fiction and erotica.

Almost two years ago now I finally realised a long held ambition and published a collection of short stories. It was only in electronic format but it was available to anyone with an e-reader. I was really pleased with my efforts at getting that far and with the resulting publication but somehow I lost my momentum and my writing faltered.

The writing bug appears to have bitten again and I'm starting to string words together once more. Whilst it's not yet a torrent of words, ideas and sentences are forming and beginning to coalesce into coherent passages. Because of this I have refreshed my blog, given it a new address and deleted most of the old content.

So what am I going to write? For now I'll be sticking to my favourite subject, sex. It will also be exclusively short stories,  I love their immediacy and the lack of superfluous detail. I like to think that my short stories are to erotica what an espresso is to coffee: short, full of stimulation and super concentrated.
If you like what you read or even if you don't, let me know. Feedback is both lovely and essential for anyone who writes.

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