Friday, 20 January 2017

Sex and Shopping

We wandered through the store, following the meandering path that its designers had decided was the best way to showcase their wares. So far it had only succeeded in confounding my sense of direction and we were seemingly lost in a maze of household furnishings. I always dreaded coming here. Whilst the furniture on display consisted of beautifully designed examples of efficient Scandinavian simplicity, the store itself was a riot of confusing corners and paths designed to ensure you saw every single item for sale before you actually made it to the checkouts. Today we had decided to come in the middle of the afternoon on a particularly pleasant summer’s day and the store was mercifully quiet with only a handful of shoppers to slow our progression. Hopefully this would prove to be a quick visit.

Amy was wearing a short summer dress that showed off her figure beautifully and left most of her long legs exposed, which went a considerable way to explaining my disorientation; I'd spent more time studying them than I had looking at where we were going. In front of us lay a herd of leather sofas and a bored looking sales assistant who was so transfixed by the contents of his phone that he seemed oblivious to us as we passed him.

"Let’s try a few chairs while we're here" She said quietly and promptly sat on the nearest seat.

She'd chosen a comfy looking, large, single chair and there was a matching example opposite which I lowered myself into. I had to admit the seat was very comfortable but within seconds of sitting I became aware of something that changed my view of the afternoon completely. As she sat facing me, Amy parted her legs and lifted the hem of her dress just enough to discreetly flash me. I glanced quickly around to check if she could be seen; there were several other shoppers and the phone obsessed assistant behind Amy but no one that could share my view. I drank in the vision before me, relishing the sight of my beautiful, daring girlfriend showing me that she was utterly bereft of underwear beneath her short dress, while oblivious strangers stood mere yards behind her.

I felt my cheeks flush and my shorts begin to tighten as I gazed hungrily at the neatly trimmed triangle of coppery curls that seemed to point demandingly down between her thighs to the smooth shaven flesh that I loved to caress. She watched me long enough to be sure that I'd had a good look, knowing the effect this would have on me, then closed her legs, forcing me to look up into her face. She was wearing a devilishly wicked smile that reminded me why I loved her so much. She stood and held out her hand, I took it as I raised myself to stand beside her, using my other hand to discreetly adjust myself in an attempt to disguise my excitement. She then began to walk on through the store as if nothing had changed. I followed her lead as the pressure in my shorts slowly subsided.

The next section contained example apartment layouts. There were four of them arranged back to back connected by convoluted passageways, making it possible to walk from one to the other. It was still eerily quiet with hardly anyone in sight as Amy led me into the first apartment. As I walked through the entrance behind her she spun around, threw her arms around me and our lips met hungrily. She felt amazing in my grasp as always and her subtle perfume, mingled with the scent of her arousal, inflamed my desires. We kissed breathlessly. My hands strayed down her back, sneaking under the hem of her dress and cupping her naked buttocks as our tongues entwined. As my cock swelled, waking an urgent need in me I knew that I wanted her, here and now . My right hand moved around the outside of her leg and I let my fingers graze the inside of her thigh as they inched up towards the heat I felt radiating from her. Just as my fingers touched the damp entrance to her pussy she wriggled free from my arms and stepped away, moving into the next room and leaving me stunned, aroused and frustrated in equal measure.

I turned to follow her and nearly walked into an elderly couple walking in the other direction. Letting them pass, I stepped into the next virtual apartment to find her leaning over a dining table, arse pointing in my direction revealing the crescents of her perfectly rounded buttocks peeking out from below the hem. The tantalising glimpse of her exposed flesh served to inflame my passion further, as she no doubt intended, and I stopped directly behind her, pressing my crotch firmly against her as I grabbed her shoulders with both hands. I began to caress her back, tracing lazy patterns and raking her flesh through the thin material. It took a few moments before I realised that my fingers were moving freely across the length of her back without encountering the tell-tale ridge of a bra strap. Another small omission that made me grin. I knew she could feel my arousal pressed against her but as my hands strayed down and began to stroke the side of her breasts she pushed backwards from the table and wriggled from my grasp once again before vanishing round the corner into the next room.

Frustrated and increasingly horny I paused before pursuing her and my eyes fell on the desk organiser beside me where a simple twelve inch acrylic ruler was standing proudly. I picked it up and flexed it between my hands, smacking it onto one palm to feel the sharp sting as it hit. I grinned, wicked thoughts filling my mind as I slipped it into my pocket and set off after her.
Amy was waiting for me round the next corner, hands on a low, fake window sill as she gazed out across the shop floor, watching several couples discuss the merits of the kitchen units on display. She was bending over further than before and the dress was concealing even less, her buttocks were clearly exposed as was the faint glisten of moisture just visible in the gap between her thighs. Taking the ruler in one hand I eased her dress a little higher with the other, exposing all of her beautiful arse to my gaze. I stroked it with my free hand, caressing and kneading her flesh with my fingers. Resting my palm firmly on the small of her back I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“You really are a naughty girl, teasing me like this”

With that I brought the flat of the ruler smartly across her exposed arse, making her yelp and leaving a broad red line etched across her skin.

“Shhh. You don’t want to get caught like this do you?” I asked, as the ruler connected firmly with her buttocks a second time. I followed her gaze through the window, checking to see if any of the couples in view had heard us. If they had, they showed no reaction.

“OK, no more teasing. I promise” She said biting her lip as I swung a third time.

I placed the ruler on a table and softly caressed the sting out of her buttocks before letting her stand, her dress dropping just enough to conceal her modesty again. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her in close and felt her nestle comfortably against me. She nuzzled my neck as I stroked her hair and smiled at the young couple who chose that moment to turn the corner from the next room.

By the time we reached the stairs to the next level I'd managed to regain control and was walking normally again, the swelling having subsided sufficiently to be comfortable. Amy stepped onto the escalator ahead of me and I hesitated before taking the step behind her. I waited until three steps had passed before following her onto it and looking up to see that I'd almost judged it correctly. Moving down a step gave me the vantage point I was after, Looking straight up her skirt with an excellent view of her the lower curve of her buttocks. I felt my control waning as my shorts started to feel constrictive again. Sensing I wasn't directly behind her, Amy looked around and immediately realised where I was looking. She turned her body to face me and lifted the front of her dress giving me, and anyone who happened to be looking towards the escalator from below, a superb view of her pubic triangle and the evidently damp flesh between her thighs. I could see that she was having fun from the glisten of moist flesh at the top of her exposed legs. No doubt she could see from the obvious tenting of my shorts that I was enjoying myself too.

We were nearing the top and I was about to shout a warning, but as ever, Amy was ahead of me. She released the material and span around just in time to step smoothly onto the next floor. Without waiting for me, she started to explore the new area. This floor was slightly different, it contained a wide variety of household items laid out more like a department store, with shelves of various bottles, jars and cooking implements instead of furniture. There were more people milling around, although it was still far from busy.

I caught up and took her hand in mine. We looked at each other and grinned, this was a much better trip than I'd expected. We walked past the objects on display, occasionally stopping to admire something new or interesting. At one point I picked up an oversized wooden spoon and slapped my palm, which earned me a swift response. The look she gave me was rebuke enough and didn't require any words of explanation. I returned the spoon to the shelf and we continued to walk, looking for a quiet place to continue our fun. This floor was far too busy, with people pushing trolleys at snail’s pace in all directions and we soon ended up in the restaurant. A glance around revealed a smattering of people and lots of empty tables so we decided to pause for refreshments.

After collecting some coffees we made our way to the most deserted corner of the restaurant and found a pair of soft, comfortable chairs. Amy chose one that faced out of the window with her back to the bulk of the other tables and I sat facing her. As she sipped at her mug, she brought her feet up onto the low table between us and slowly, deliberately, spread her knees as wide as she could. I coughed, nearly choking on my drink as I watched her legs part, giving me a superb view of her pussy. She smirked at the expression on my face and the way that I was forced to wriggle awkwardly as my cock sprang into life once again. Deciding that it was safe because I was watching for interruptions, she eased her dress up to her waist and slipped her hand between her thighs whilst still sipping from the mug. I watched mesmerised and very aroused by the sheer audacity of witnessing such an intimate act in so public a venue as her fingers began to stroke the slick entrance of her pussy for our joint gratification. The other diners were oblivious to the incredible performance I was enjoying as she played with herself. Her fingers moved with practiced ease, grazing her already slick lips before dipping inside. I watched her eyes close as she eased a digit momentarily deeper. She drew it out, trailing a glistening trail across her thigh before lifting it to her mouth. Her eyes locked on mine as she held her finger aloft and slowly parted her lips, extending her tongue and licking her juices from it. I squirmed uncomfortably as my cock throbbed inside the tight confines of my trousers, mouth salivating at the memory of her taste on my lips. Amy winked, knowing the effect she was having on me and enjoying being in charge.

She dropped her hand to her lap again and used her fingers to part the entrance of her pussy, showing me the hot pink flesh that glistened so invitingly before beginning to stroke her clit while I watched, transfixed. Slowly and deliberately she played, alternating between stroking herself and plunging her fingers inside, edging closer and closer to a climax, each time denying herself the final release and teetering on the brink of orgasm but somehow finding the restraint not to lose control.

The flush built in her cheeks and across her neck as her arousal grew. Her blush was always a good indicator and I could judge how close to climax she was by its colour and spread. By the time she brought her knees together she was a warm pink from cheeks to cleavage. My coffee was cold and long forgotten, the only thought in my mind was the need for her. My balls were aching painfully; I needed to taste her arousal and to satisfy the urgent throbbing of my cock.

She stood and held out her hand for me. I eased myself upright, all too conscious of the very obvious erection that was bursting to get out of my shorts and took her hand as we set off for the lift to the ground floor warehouse. Time seemed to drag as we stood waiting for the lift to arrive, Amy stood in front of me, her buttocks pressed against my groin, partly to maintain my arousal and partly to hide it from the other people waiting with us. Eventually the doors slid open and we stepped inside. I was careful to stand in the rear corner of the lift so that I didn't reveal the throbbing presence in my shorts to anyone else. Amy resumed her stance in front of me but stood with her hands behind her back as she leaned against me, rubbing my cock through the material of my shorts. Combined with the vibrations of the lift mechanism I was struggling to avoid a premature explosion by the time we reached the ground floor and the doors finally opened.

We followed the group out of the lift and into the vast warehouse section where box after box of flat packed furniture was stacked to the ceiling in all directions. Most of the shoppers were heading straight for the checkouts whilst a few were wandering off into the dark recesses of the shelving pushing large recalcitrant trolleys. We took our time, looking along each aisle to see which was busiest before settling on one that looked promisingly quiet. At the end of the aisle we found a small area, hidden from the main thoroughfare that housed some obscure looking lighting products. A quick glance behind us revealed no one in sight and the instant we passed around the corner of the shelving I pulled her into my arms.

Our lips met in a hungry and frenetic kiss, tongues duelling while our hands explored each other’s body. I could taste her pussy on her lips from her earlier exploits in the restaurant and my mouth longed for more. Picking her up easily I sat her on a conveniently empty shelf beside us before dropping to my knees and burying my head between her obligingly open legs. Her scent filled my senses as I kissed her inner thigh and my mouth edged closer to it’s destination. She jumped as my lips met her sodden pussy and my tongue lapped at her delicious juices. I savoured every drop of her excitement; she had an exquisite flavour when aroused that I devoured like a starving man in a sweet shop. Using my tongue to toy with her clit I pushed her closer to an orgasm than she'd been upstairs before she pushed my head away from her groin.

"No. Not like that. I need you in me. Now" she whispered

Happy to oblige I stood, scanning the area quickly to verify we were still alone before releasing the button on my shorts, teasing the zip down slowly and letting them fall around my ankles. My cock stood proudly to attention, finally free of the constricting material, it was throbbing almost painfully and I knew that I wasn't going to last more than a few seconds inside her. Shuffling forward, careful not to trip over the shorts around my ankles I pressed the tip of my cock against her dripping pussy. I slid easily inside  and began to thrust quickly, pistoning back and forth with genuine urgency as she wrapped her legs around me her heels pressed into my back, needlessly encouraging me. I heard her nearing an orgasm, her rapid breathing and the barely stifled cries escaping her mouth were unavoidable and I pressed my lips to hers, attempting to smother her noises in a kiss. Her body tensed around me as the orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy clenched my cock tightly. It was the final stimulation I needed and my rhythm faltered. I felt a surge of pressure in my balls as a strong muscular spasm tore through my groin, my cock pulsed and fired salvos of hot creamy ejaculate into her welcoming body.

We were still for a few minutes, catching our breath and enjoying the simple, physical union as I slowly deflated inside her. I heard a shoe scuff on the concrete floor somewhere near us and jerked backwards quickly, grabbing for my shorts and tugging them up in one smooth motion. Amy clenched her thighs together and slid off the shelf, back onto her feet, leaving a small and rapidly cooling pool of fluid on the edge that promised to betray our illicit activity. Before I had time to wipe it away, the intruder rounded the corner that had concealed us. We were both correctly dressed and looking perfectly respectable, if a little flushed. We walked past him as nonchalantly as we could, keen to distance ourselves from the scene before he spotted the evidence we’d left behind. Glancing back I saw that the man was busy looking at a different section of the shelves and didn’t appear to have noticed anything.

As we walked I slipped my hand into hers, we looked at each other and grinned.

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