Friday, 17 June 2016

A Taste of Summer

It was one of those rare English summer days where the humid heat was stifling. Laura was in her garden soaking up the sunshine in her smallest bikini. All she wanted to do was lie there and let the sun turn her pale flesh a rosy pink with the promise of a future tan while she escaped into a book.

Her garden was surrounded by tall hedges that formed a private sanctuary from the busy reality outside. It was her favourite place to retreat with a book and a glass of wine, to escape into whatever fictional world the covers contained. She'd chosen a steamy novella from an author she'd discovered who wrote in a way that drew her into the fantasy completely. His words always left her cheeks flushed and her knickers sodden, so much so that she'd rarely made it through one of his tales without a break. Today was proving to be no exception. The book was a tale of a successful woman with a penchant for sex in risky public places; Laura was lost in the excitement of the exhibitionism it described, aroused by the thought of being watched. She looked around her garden, aside from the blank windows of her own house, the garden was completely hidden from view. It occurred to her that she could slip out of her bikini and no one would ever know. Her housemates had planned a picnic today so she had the house, and more importantly the garden to herself all day. Laura swiftly removed the tiny pieces of material that were doing little to cover her modesty anyway. Her cheeks flushed a little as she lay the bikini on top of the sarong beside her. She had never been so exposed in full daylight before and it felt good.

Laura lay on her front, feeling the sun warm her newly exposed buttocks as she resumed her reading. Laura soon found herself lost in an orgy of public sex that left her frustratingly horny. Rolling onto her back she held the book above her, shielding her face from the sun and continuing to read. She lazily stroked her nipples with her free hand sending ripples of sensation to match those of her imagination. Somewhere in the distance the strident tones of an ice cream van rang out. A cool breeze blew across her exposed body like the breath of a lover kneeling between her legs, sending an exciting shiver coursing through her. Laura's hand slipped between her thighs, moving with no conscious thought as her body responded to her increasing arousal. She closed her eyes and lowered the book to one side, losing herself in sensations. She was aware of the sun on every inch of her body and spread her legs wider, inviting the warm light to reach her most intimate parts. Her hands stroked her swollen nipples, grazing the moist heat between her thighs while her mind replayed the scene she'd just read, extending it and placing herself in the centre of the action. Imagined hands caressed every inch of her body, her fingers recreating the urgent touch of multiple lovers.

Her arousal built with her fantasy and she was about to start the final rush towards the inevitable happy ending when something searingly cold dropped onto her stomach.

"Balls. Sorry" an embarrassed David blurted out as Laura's eyes opened with shock.

"I knew you were sunbathing and thought you might like an ice cream but when I got here I... didn't want to disturb you"

"So you just watched?" She shouted, angry and embarrassed at the same time whilst trying to cover herself from view.

"I couldn't help myself. You looked so good and were clearly enjoying yourself. I should have left but I was, um, captivated" He shifted awkwardly, unable to hide the obvious bulge in the front of his shorts.

"So I see" Laura said, making David blush.

"Why are you here anyway, you're supposed to be out with Mary aren't you?" Her tone angry more than embarrassed now.

"We were supposed to be having a picnic but she had a better offer and cancelled on me, so I came home instead. Would you like the ice cream?"

David held the cone out in front of him whilst trying desperately to keep eye contact but failing miserably. Although the three of them shared a house it was the first time he'd seen Laura less than fully clothed and he drank in the view, filing the memory for future use. He was acutely aware of her nakedness and the throbbing need it had awoken in him whilst trying to ignore both. Laura grabbed her Sarong and slipped it on, restoring a little of her composure in the process.

"Thanks" Laura said, taking the cone from his hand, trying to ignore the embarrassment she felt at having been caught masturbating like a teenager. She licked at the melting ice cream, her tongue twirling around the cone to catch the drips that were creeping over the edge and licking the already melted cream from her fingers. David watched spellbound as she sucked her fingers clean, his swollen cock starting to ache with arousal. Laura caught his open mouthed stare and saw from his obvious erection that he was enjoying the show.

Still aroused from her own touch and the scenes she'd been reading, Laura decided to play along and see how he reacted. She ran a finger around the ice cream, building a creamy covering on it before lifting it to her mouth and slowly licking it off. David stared stupidly, following her finger, his own ice cream forgotten and slowly melting, sending rivulets of molten cream down the cone and over his hands. His free hand pressed unbidden against his arousal through the fabric of his shorts, rubbing himself unselfconsciously. A wicked grin filled Laura's face, her embarrassed anger forgotten and replaced by lust.

"You know" she said "You've seen me naked and masturbating already so I think it's your turn now, don't you?"

David started, instantly coming back from his imagination where it hadn't been her fingers that Laura was sucking.

"Tell you what" He said "Take that Sarong off again and you're on. Just don't stop what you're doing with that cone."

"What, this?" She said somehow wriggling out of the material and letting it pool around her feet. Looking him in the eyes she ran her tongue slowly up the length of a cream covered finger before easing it into her mouth and sucking it clean.

David didn't answer but used his free hand to undo the button of his shorts and awkwardly ease the fly down until they fell in a heap at his ankles, letting his erection spring free. The buttons on his shirt took seconds to undo and it soon joined his shorts on the floor.

"Hmm" Laura said, a hungry look in her eyes "I spy something far tastier than my fingers. Let's see now. How does this feel?"

She dropped to her knees in front of him. Without pausing she pressed the ice cream up against the underside of his cock making David gasp. She slid the cone along his shaft, swirling it on the end as if chalking a cue. Sensations raced through David. The cold of the ice cream against his hot, throbbing cock was unbelievably intense, perilously close to pain rather than pleasure. He was about to brush the ice away when Laura's mouth engulfed the tip of his cock, replacing cold with soft heat. The transition was exquisite and David gasped at the shock as her lips descended along his shaft, pleasure replacing searing cold as he sank deeper into her mouth. Only when her nose pressed against his tightly curled hairs did she stop. He felt her tongue curling around him as she eased back along his cock, the air seemed cold after the heat of her mouth and he sighed with pleasure. Laura's tongue lapped at the trickle of precum on the tip of his erection before engulfing its head and slowly taking him deep inside her once again. David's eyes closed in pleasure as the flood of sensations from his groin obliterated any conscious thought. Unseen, Laura lifted the cone between his legs and pressed the achingly cold ice against the underside of his smooth balls. David's eyes flicked wide open as contrasting temperatures from his cock and balls fought for dominance. He teetered on the knife edge between pleasure and pain. Laura's mouth and tongue provided the necessary balance and she held the ice cream firmly in place whilst rocking her mouth along his shaft until the sensations overwhelmed him. David felt his balls tighten even more than the cold required and looked down to find Laura's eyes locked on his. His cock pulsed once, twice a third time as it emptied the contents of his cold abused balls into Laura's mouth. She held still, sucking him dry before very deliberately easing her mouth away from him lapping the last drops with her tongue before standing up. She opened her mouth, showing him the cum pooled on her tongue before leaning in and kissing him on the lips. Laura expected him to pull away in disgust but instead he opened his mouth and their tongues met, his juices coating both of their mouths in a long lingering kiss.

After what seemed an eternity, David pulled back.

"I believe it's your turn now" He said "lie down"

Laura smiled and lowered herself to the ground, the grass prickling against her back as she gazed up at his slowly softening flesh. David lifted the cone he somehow still held, the remnants of ice cream dripping down the sides of the wafer and coating his fingers. Holding it above her he let the warming drips of cream drip onto Laura's body leaving a line of sweet white drops across her breasts, belly and thighs. David watched entranced as molten ice cream dribbled over her smooth mound and left tracks beside the glistening pink lips of her pussy. Dropping to his knees between her parted legs he leant forward and licked the creamy coating from one breast. Laura smiled as her nipple responded instantly, demanding further attention. Opening his mouth wide he centred it on the cream covered nipple and pressed his lips around it. Using his tongue to play with her nipple, David sucked and was rewarded with a gasp from Laura. Applying a little pressure with his teeth the gasp changed to a low groan and her legs squeezed his sides. Shifting his focus to her other breast he slipped his hand between her legs and slowly stroked the ice cream covered flesh around her pussy.

Kneeling, David gazed into Laura’s eyes and smiled as he brought his fingers to his mouth and with deliberate slow movements licked them clean. Laura’s eyes were hungry and David didn’t hesitate any longer. Shuffling backwards he leant over Laura and began licking and kissing the trail of molten ice cream from her breasts down. She wriggled beneath his touch, pressing her legs tighter around him. As David reached the soft skin at the junction of her thighs he slowed, making his licks slow and firm, like a cat cleaning a bowl of cream. His tongue licked the inside of one thigh, mere millimetres from the source of the intoxicating scent of her arousal. David teased her, licking the cream from every part of her except the one place she ached for him to reach. She squirmed, trying to guide him there.

Finally, he relented and made one slow lick along the full length of her damp lips. Laura let out a satisfied sigh and spread her legs wide, granting him better access. David placed his hands on her thighs, ensuring he could keep them parted and began to focus on her pussy. From the first taste he knew he was addicted. Whether it was the ice cream, her natural juices or a combination of the two, she tasted divine and he liked, probed and devoured her with increasing intensity. As he licked Laura bucked and writhed beneath him, squeezing her legs together and arching her back to try and deny or grant access. David continued unabated, relishing the way she responded to his tongue. The squeals and sighs she made in concert with the involuntary spasms of her thighs telegraphed her increasing arousal until he sensed she was close to a climax. Her breathing was becoming more laboured now and he focussed solely on her clit, using his teeth to graze it one minute, licking or sucking it the next until she screamed in climax. Laura’s legs clamped tight around him, pinning him in place as she bucked against his mouth.

David withdrew his tongue and, as Laura’s climax subsided, his breath on her over sensitized clit caused ripples of pleasure to pass through her with each exhale. Eventually he raised himself over her leg, kissed her softly on the lips then lay on the ground beside her. Laura rolled over, stretching one leg over his as she snuggled contentedly against him, basking in the warm sun.


  1. Definitely been a long time since I have had the pleasure of your words to start my day... The weekend is definitely looking even better. Well done!!

  2. Thanks for this. I will do a repeat of Kim words. Great to start the weekend ;)