Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Forest Fun

The sun was making its way towards the horizon sending our shadows stretching into the distance. It had been a brilliant day, wandering aimlessly through the forest with no time constraints and no better place to be than beside each other. Hand in hand we'd explored, walking off a large pub lunch and enjoying the summer heat whilst discussing anything and everything that came into our heads. We came to a gate and I paused, leaning against the timber and pulling her into my arms for a long lingering kiss. Her soft scent filled my senses as we kissed and I felt an unmistakeable swelling in my shorts. She clearly sensed it to, smiling into the kiss and slipping her hand down to press against the bulge.

"That's not helping" I said

"Oh I don't know, it's definitely growing"

"Keep that up and I'll drag you behind the nearest tree"

She didn't reply but pressed harder against me, squeezing her fingers around my growing arousal as best she could through the material. My hands dropped to her thighs just below the hem of her sundress and slipped upwards, cupping her buttocks. Her arse was deliciously firm and fitted my hands perfectly. It took a few seconds for me to notice that there was no material against my palm and I pulled back from the kiss, wide eyed. She gave me her widest eyed innocent smile followed by a wink.

"Took you long enough" She said "now, about this tree."

With that she slipped from my grip, turned and ran into the trees behind me. I gave chase and we were soon ducking under branches and leaping around roots as we ran deeper into the copse. I finally caught up with her, grabbing her hand and forcing her to slow down. She span around and threw herself at me, wrapping her legs around my waist and grabbing my head with her hands. She kissed me with abandon as I stumbled backwards, overbalancing and landing on the soft ground with her straddling me. I could feel her heat in my lap as we lay there, giggling and kissing and knew she was aware of my arousal too. She ground herself against the front of my shorts and I felt myself getting harder, the need within me growing along with my cock.

Raising herself on her knees she wriggled down my legs, exposing my shorts. I looked down as she started to unbutton them and saw the damp stain that she'd left on the very obvious bulge that she was working to liberate. The buttons were swiftly dispatched and she started to tug my shorts down. I lifted my hips to help her and they slid down my thighs to where she was sitting.

"Who'd have thought we'd find wood in a forest" She said as she wrapped her fingers around me and began to gently stroke. She leant forward and kissed the tip of my cock before extending her tongue and running it slowly down the side of the shaft. I watched intently, the single minded attention she was focussing on the task in hand was mesmerising. I wanted nothing more than to bury myself in her but I was paralysed, hypnotised by her movements and the sensation filling me. I felt the heat of her breath on my skin and closed my eyes as her mouth engulfed me. She moved slowly, her tongue and lips sending ripples of ecstasy coursing through me.

I opened my eyes as her weight lifted from my legs and I felt cool air blow across my cock briefly before her mouth was replaced with the intense heat of her pussy.  I lay motionless, mesmerised by her face as she eased onto me, her eyes closed and her mouth formed a silent “O” of pleasure as we merged with one single minded purpose. She rocked slowly; waking me from immobility, exquisite sensations flooding our senses as each revelled in the movement of the other.  Other senses faded as my cock became the centre of the universe, nothing mattered but the feeling of her enveloping me, controlling me, fulfilling me. We moved faster, animal instincts taking over as we bucked and ground against each other, oblivious of our surroundings and intent only on pleasuring the other. I felt my pulse quicken, balls pulling themselves in tight as the inevitable climax drew nearer. Our motions faltered, becoming staccato as ecstasy interrupted the signals between brain and muscle. I held on, trying to ride the edge of control until, finally I felt her shudder to a halt, clenching me impossibly tight and driving me over the edge into the abyss of orgasm.

Huge idiotic smiles painted our faces as we lay there for a while, a tangled mess of limbs and slowly cooling flesh. From somewhere nearby I heard voices and the sound of many feet crunching through the undergrowth. I nudged her in the ribs.

“I think we have company”

She rolled off of me and sat up quickly whilst I yanked my shorts back up, fastening the buttons with
fumbling figures as quickly as I could.

I sat up and watched the disembodied legs of a large group of hikers walking on the path just a few feet beyond the next tree.  Thankfully the branches prevented us from seeing anything above their waist and more importantly stopped them from seeing us. We waited, still and silent as they continued to file past. When they’d passed beyond earshot I stood, helped her to her feet and we set off back towards the car and our next adventure.



  1. Brilliant! urgent, hot, satisfying encounter - well told.

  2. Oh I love outdoor sex, and the added excitement when someone might possibly see what you're doing. Great story!
    Welcome back to Wicked Wednesday! So good to have you back to writing :)

    Rebel xox