Saturday, 8 December 2018

Taboo in Erotica

The lovely @PosyChurchgate asked me for my thoughts on taboo in erotic fiction so I’ve had a go. Excuse me if I ramble, it’s been a long week. 

 The very concept of taboo is a nebulous one. Defined as something that is “Prohibited or restricted by social custom”, taboo is almost by definition a moving target that depends on the reader as much as the writer: Our current taboos are derived from our history, surroundings, culture, upbringing and a multitude of other factors. They are unique to us. Some are enshrined in law, others are merely accepted conventions in our culture at this time in history. I can guarantee that what is considered taboo today will not be the same in the future.

 Erotic fiction and taboo have always gone hand in hand, and I believe there are several reasons for this. First and foremost fiction is exactly that - made up stories. Yes, it works best when it is realistic (or at least plausible) but it doesn’t have to slavishly follow the constraints of reality and because of that we can push the boundaries of what is possible or acceptable. We can venture into the uncharted territories of taboo. There is already a huge array of erotic writing outside the mainstream definitions of normal. Did you know there is a whole branch (tendril?) of tentacle porn in erotica that features alien creatures? Humans and terrestrial animals are clearly a taboo topic, not to mention illegal in most countries, but do aliens fit this criteria? Remember that what you consider an impossible and unacceptable activity today may not be so tomorrow and by the same token what is acceptable today may be utterly taboo tomorrow. In fiction I believe we should explore beyond the boundaries of acceptable and follow the stories and characters we create, let them roam wherever they need to go and do whatever the story demands they need to do. If the tale is compelling, the things those characters do along the way, and who or what they do them with, become part of their history and do not have to conform to our own morality. There is absolutely no reason to restrict erotic fiction to the legal and social conventions that we live our lives by or it risks becoming non-fiction.

 To back that up I would point at a different genre, that of horror, where the most brutal and vicious acts are repeatedly described. These are not only illegal but frequently immoral (taboo) too yet no one says this is wrong. We actually expect horror stories to be full of the extraordinary and to regularly stray into deviant behaviour so why shouldn’t erotica follow the same rules? After all horror outsells erotica massively so maybe we need to follow their example. 

 I say we should get out there and push the boundaries in our fiction. Lets have more kink, more extremes and yes, more tentacles in our erotica.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Why do I write?

Well, first of all I feel a little disingenuous saying that I write because it’s been a long time since I was regularly writing and sharing anything meaningful but that should hopefully - no WILL - be changing in the near future. 

I am first and foremost a reader. I love to read and have devoured books at a slightly alarming rate ever since I could do so without help. After cutting my teeth on the famous five and Biggles (yes really) I quickly found my way to more advanced novels. I had finished the Dune series before I was 12 which is probably why Sci-Fi will always be a go to genre for me. I’ve read my way through reams of horror, fantasy, Science-Fiction, thrillers and more, discovering some weird and wonderful stories along the way. There are some amazing authors out there in every genre and they tell such compelling stories and give us an infinite number of worlds to explore at our own pace. I also know that there are some stories in my head that I would love to read but can’t find anywhere because nobody has written them for me. Those are the ones I hope to add to the infinite pool of fiction.

My lifelong ambition was and still is to become a “proper” author. To me that means being published physically and having books that sit on real shelves in actual shops. Although I have self published a short collection of flash fiction (there's a link on here somewhere), I’m still a long way from achieving that and the only person stopping it from happening is me, but I digress.

The main reason I write is to explore the untapped corners of my mind, to push myself and see what happens. I like to take a little bit of reality, usually something I know or have experienced and then play the “what-if” game with it. Stretch the truth, tease it out a little and develop the story into something that could have happened. Sometimes the end result is very close to my memory of reality, other times it is far from it and buried somewhere deep in fantasy. I’ve mostly been writing erotic flash fiction, or at least that is all I’ve shared. Why? Well aside from the fact that it’s huge fun to write, erotica is actually very hard to write well so it is a great proving ground to experiment and discover both what works and whether I can actually write it. It’s also fun. Lots of fun. Where else can you take your wildest fantasies and present them to the world without being judged? After all, nobody else knows how much or little of any given story is real. That's part of the joy of fiction. I’ve written short stories in several different disciplines but the one I keep coming back to is erotica. I really enjoy the challenge of finding words to convey the images and sensation in my imagination to somebody else’s head. 

From everything I’ve read in the genre I don’t believe that it works particularly well in anything over a novella length, I get bored reading anything (erotic) longer than that and have found very few novels that I’ve actually enjoyed. The few I have enjoyed all had great stories and the sex was almost incidental so maybe that’s the key to making it work. 

For the immediate future I intend to resume writing flash fiction again. I want to shake off the cobwebs and hone my skills. If I can add a little humour along the way then I will. Sex shouldn’t be taken too seriously and there’s nothing wrong with making it lighthearted - I tried this in a Christmas story I wrote a few years back and was pleased with the results so expect another one this year.  

I’m not quite in a place to explore a full novel yet, I have a few ideas for plots and they will appear at some point but I need to get back into the habit of writing before I attempt them. I also need to read a few more novels to prepare myself, well, that and to enjoy escaping to some more new worlds. 

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Forest Fun

The sun was making its way towards the horizon sending our shadows stretching into the distance. It had been a brilliant day, wandering aimlessly through the forest with no time constraints and no better place to be than beside each other. Hand in hand we'd explored, walking off a large pub lunch and enjoying the summer heat whilst discussing anything and everything that came into our heads. We came to a gate and I paused, leaning against the timber and pulling her into my arms for a long lingering kiss. Her soft scent filled my senses as we kissed and I felt an unmistakeable swelling in my shorts. She clearly sensed it to, smiling into the kiss and slipping her hand down to press against the bulge.

"That's not helping" I said

"Oh I don't know, it's definitely growing"

"Keep that up and I'll drag you behind the nearest tree"

She didn't reply but pressed harder against me, squeezing her fingers around my growing arousal as best she could through the material. My hands dropped to her thighs just below the hem of her sundress and slipped upwards, cupping her buttocks. Her arse was deliciously firm and fitted my hands perfectly. It took a few seconds for me to notice that there was no material against my palm and I pulled back from the kiss, wide eyed. She gave me her widest eyed innocent smile followed by a wink.

"Took you long enough" She said "now, about this tree."

With that she slipped from my grip, turned and ran into the trees behind me. I gave chase and we were soon ducking under branches and leaping around roots as we ran deeper into the copse. I finally caught up with her, grabbing her hand and forcing her to slow down. She span around and threw herself at me, wrapping her legs around my waist and grabbing my head with her hands. She kissed me with abandon as I stumbled backwards, overbalancing and landing on the soft ground with her straddling me. I could feel her heat in my lap as we lay there, giggling and kissing and knew she was aware of my arousal too. She ground herself against the front of my shorts and I felt myself getting harder, the need within me growing along with my cock.

Raising herself on her knees she wriggled down my legs, exposing my shorts. I looked down as she started to unbutton them and saw the damp stain that she'd left on the very obvious bulge that she was working to liberate. The buttons were swiftly dispatched and she started to tug my shorts down. I lifted my hips to help her and they slid down my thighs to where she was sitting.

"Who'd have thought we'd find wood in a forest" She said as she wrapped her fingers around me and began to gently stroke. She leant forward and kissed the tip of my cock before extending her tongue and running it slowly down the side of the shaft. I watched intently, the single minded attention she was focussing on the task in hand was mesmerising. I wanted nothing more than to bury myself in her but I was paralysed, hypnotised by her movements and the sensation filling me. I felt the heat of her breath on my skin and closed my eyes as her mouth engulfed me. She moved slowly, her tongue and lips sending ripples of ecstasy coursing through me.

I opened my eyes as her weight lifted from my legs and I felt cool air blow across my cock briefly before her mouth was replaced with the intense heat of her pussy.  I lay motionless, mesmerised by her face as she eased onto me, her eyes closed and her mouth formed a silent “O” of pleasure as we merged with one single minded purpose. She rocked slowly; waking me from immobility, exquisite sensations flooding our senses as each revelled in the movement of the other.  Other senses faded as my cock became the centre of the universe, nothing mattered but the feeling of her enveloping me, controlling me, fulfilling me. We moved faster, animal instincts taking over as we bucked and ground against each other, oblivious of our surroundings and intent only on pleasuring the other. I felt my pulse quicken, balls pulling themselves in tight as the inevitable climax drew nearer. Our motions faltered, becoming staccato as ecstasy interrupted the signals between brain and muscle. I held on, trying to ride the edge of control until, finally I felt her shudder to a halt, clenching me impossibly tight and driving me over the edge into the abyss of orgasm.

Huge idiotic smiles painted our faces as we lay there for a while, a tangled mess of limbs and slowly cooling flesh. From somewhere nearby I heard voices and the sound of many feet crunching through the undergrowth. I nudged her in the ribs.

“I think we have company”

She rolled off of me and sat up quickly whilst I yanked my shorts back up, fastening the buttons with
fumbling figures as quickly as I could.

I sat up and watched the disembodied legs of a large group of hikers walking on the path just a few feet beyond the next tree.  Thankfully the branches prevented us from seeing anything above their waist and more importantly stopped them from seeing us. We waited, still and silent as they continued to file past. When they’d passed beyond earshot I stood, helped her to her feet and we set off back towards the car and our next adventure.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

New Beginnings

Six long years ago I was taking my first tentative steps towards writing fiction. In order to help improve my skills I entered a writing competition called "The Smut Marathon". It was actually a huge amount of fun and I discovered some superb erotic writers as a result of it. At the time I managed to write a reasonable number of pieces of flash fiction and even self published a small collection in Kindle format before losing focus.

What makes me mention this now is that after a four year hiatus I am beginning to write again. My first steps are slow and  steady but the fact I am taking them is a good start. This time I aim to stick at it for a bit longer and will not be stopping until I have a finished (paper) book in my hands. So, one small step at a time I am getting back into the swing of creating things.

In order to kick start my writing habit I have entered a new "Smut Marathon" and this starts with the first task tomorrow! Looking at the massive list of entrants (89 of us) I have become aware of just how rusty I am so I decided to look through some of the challenges we were set last time and see what I would do now. One task was to create a 200 word character introduction so I've found my original submission and edited it into something that I might create now whilst sticking to the rules. My character was called "The Book Worm" and having tweaked it, I think I'm going to write the story I always intended to.

This was my original submission:

Michael yawned and rubbed his eyes. Getting up early to write before work was helping him to knuckle down and develop his book but it was hard work. The chapter he’d just finished had been based on his exploits with a previous girlfriend and the memory always caused a rush of blood to his groin, today was no exception. Standing up, he stretched and crossed his apartment, heading for the shower. He glanced in the full length mirror as he passed and paused to reflect on the naked image it revealed. His new fitness regime was definitely working, his stomach whilst still not a six pack was noticeably flatter and showing some signs of muscle tone, his shoulders were broader and his arms and legs were no longer the weak, skinny things he’d had for most of his life.

Getting there” he thought.

Cycling to work was getting easier, he locked his bike and as he climbed the stone steps he realised he didn’t even get out of breath anymore. Things were definitely looking up. He smiled to himself as he pushed open the doors and the familiar smell of massed books welcomed him like a warm embrace.


This is how I would write the same thing now:

Michael yawned and rubbed his eyes. The discipline of rising early to write before work was helping him shake off the inertia of too many idle years but was far from easy. The chapter he’d just finished had been loosely based on real events and replaying the memory and playing ‘what if’ with the action while he wrote it had caused a rush of blood to his groin and an aching need to find someone.

Standing up, he stretched and crossed his apartment, heading for the shower, glancing in the full length mirror as he passed, pausing to reflect on the naked image it revealed. His new fitness regime was definitely working. His stomach whilst still not a six pack was showing promising signs of muscle tone, his shoulders were broader and his arms and legs were no longer the weak, spindly things he’d had for most of his life.

Getting there” he thought.

Cycling to work was no longer the chore it had seemed at first and he barely broke a sweat these days. He smiled to himself and as he pushed open the doors the familiar smell of old books welcomed him like a warm embrace.
OK, so 200 words is not very much but it's enough that I can see some changes and I also want to see where this character takes me. Come back next week and there should be a story here.

If you're interested, here is a link to this years Smut Marathon so you can see the vast array of talent that I'm thrilled to be included with. I just hope I can create something that I'm happy with.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Room to Play

As I opened the door I knew it was going to be a good day. Standing in front of me was the woman who always made me smile, not to mention my heart race and my cock hard. I’d rented a room for no reason other than to give us somewhere quiet where we could play uninterrupted.
She stepped into my arms and we kissed, a soft lingering hello. Ushering her into the room I closed and locked the door behind her. The soft snick of the lock engaging caused her to turn and look at me. 

“Hi gorgeous, I’ve missed you” I said

“Me too, now kiss me properly”

I didn’t need any encouragement. Wrapping my arms around her our lips met and we kissed long and hard until we were both panting breathlessly. Stepping back from her I sat on the bed.

“Strip for me”

Without hesitating she reached for the first button on her blouse and slowly unfastened it. I reached for my camera and started to take pictures as she worked her way down the line of buttons until it fell open exposing a black lacy bra that was struggling to contain her ample breasts. The blouse fell to the floor at her feet and I snapped a closeup of her nipple standing proud beneath the flimsy material. She reached behind and undid the clasp and zip on her skirt and it too fell to the floor. stepping out of the rumpled clothing I marvelled at the beauty on display before me. Dressed now in heels, stockings and a matching set of black lacy bra and panties she looked absolutely stunning. With a narrow waist, curved hips and large breasts she was truly gorgeous but it was her smile and the cheeky glint in her eyes that filled me with lustful thoughts.

“Knickers next” I managed to say

She turned away and bent at the waist as she drew her panties slowly down her shapely legs giving me a beautiful view of her round buttocks and a teasing glimpse of her smooth pussy as the underwear reached her ankles. Standing upright she reached behind and unclasped her bra - she knows me far too well. The bra was added to the pile of clothing and I had a moment to admire her flawless back and her profile against the window before she turned to face me. As usual her unfettered boobs took my breath away. They were simply stunning to see, large and beautifully shaped with hard swollen nipples topping them perfectly. 
She stood facing me wearing nothing but stockings and heels. Placing her hands on her hips a quizzical smirk crossed her face.

“Shouldn’t you be naked too?” She asked

Pausing only to pass her the camera I started to undress. As I removed my shirt and added it to the pile of clothes at her feet she took pictures of me. Unfastening my belt I eased it through the hoops of my trousers until. The leather hissed through the loops until the tip finally fell to the floor. Maybe I could make use of that later I thought as I hung it over the chair. I undid the clasp on my trousers and teased the zip down until the trousers hung open, held in place only by the tension my erection was placing on them. The shutter of my camera was clicking wildly as I hooked my thumbs into the waistband and eased them down to mid thigh then let them fall to the floor round my ankles.

“Better?” I enquired


“Now, pass me the camera back and sit on the bed.”

She did as instructed and sat on the bed, legs spread wide. I stepped between her delectable thighs placing my cock inches from her face. Never one to avoid a mouthful of hot cock she leant forward and kissed the tip. I looked down through the viewfinder and watched as she licked, kissed and sucked me. My eyes closed in pleasure but the camera recorded the sight for later. 

Much as I loved this and wanted it to continue I had other plans for the moment. Easing myself reluctantly out of her mouth I knelt in front of her and kissed her succulent lips. My hands explored her shoulders, neck and ample breasts as we kissed. I squeezed her nipples between finger and thumb eliciting a sharp intake of breath through our kiss. My hands continued down, caressing her smooth belly and toying with her neatly cropped pubic hair before skating past their preferred target and onto her thighs. 

Breaking the kiss I held the top of one of her stockings and eased it down her leg until it was free in my hand and her shapely leg was exposed. Taking the stocking I tied one end of it around her wrist leaving a long length free. Repeating the process I drew her other stocking off and tied that round her other wrist.

“Now, Move up the bed and lie down.”

Taking her right hand I lifted it to the corner of the bed and tied the loose end to the head board. Moving round to the other side I fastened the left to the other side of the headboard. Pausing to take a few pictures I knelt between her legs and gazed into her eyes. Setting the camera aside on the bedside cabinet I placed it in the timelapse mode; it would capture the remainder of our tryst unaided.

Placing a hand either side of her I leant forward and kissed her full on the lips once more. This was going to be fun. 

First things first - I needed to cum. Taking my weight on one elbow I slipped the other to her inner thigh and ran a finger lightly over her pussy revelling in the smoothness of her already damp slit. Easing a finger inside her I kept the kiss going. My finger probed deeper, sliding in and out I added a second, feeling her moan slightly. The throbbing in my groin was growing urgent and I ached to be inside her. 

Kneeling up I positioned myself and pressed the tip of my cock against her sodden labia. Easing forward I sank deep into her hot wet cunt and she clenched her muscles around me. The feeling was exquisite, I’d missed this for far too long! Our hips moved in unison and she pressed hard against me in response to my urgent thrusting. It wasn’t long before I was ready to finish but I didn’t want to fill her with my cum yet. As I neared my climax I withdrew from her tight wet pussy and straddled her waist. Looking into her eyes I knelt across her and took my cock in my hand. Placing my left hand on her right breast I squeezed and massage it firmly, pinching her nipple between the base of my fingers as my right hand stroked my slick cock. Her eyes left mine and strayed lower as she watched the movement of my hand intently. My eyes closed as my orgasm drew near, my breathing became shallow, my heart raced, my balls tightened impossibly and my cock pulsed in my hand as I sprayed hot thick cum all over her stomach and chest. My cock convulsed a few last times as my balls emptied themselves over her.

I knelt, breathing heavily for an eternity then opened my eyes. She was gazing into them, smiling. I took my sticky, cum covered hand from my increasingly soft dick and placed it by her mouth. Her tongue shot out and she lapped hesitantly at my fingers, testing the taste of it in her mouth. Her eyes widened and the appreciative noises she made suggested that she liked it so I let her suck my fingers clean.

“Your turn now”

I stood up from the bed and went over to the bag she’d carried in. Opening it I smiled. She’d brought the toys that we’d talked about. The first item I took from her bag was a pair of nipple clamps. Returning to the bed I placed one of the clamps loosely on her right nipple. Her sharp intake of breath told me I’d hit the spot, a notion I confirmed by applying the other to her left nipple. I leant over and kissed her again, pressing my thigh against her pussy as we kissed. Delving into the bag once more I pulled out a blindfold. Slipping it over her head we kissed again before I finally placed it over her eyes.

The final toy I pulled from the bag was the star performer, her large purple vibrator. I left the toy lying beside her on the bed and lay on my chest between her thighs. Raising myself on my elbows I gazed at her delicious pussy. The scent of her arousal was delectable but the taste as I leant forward to kiss her swollen, damp labia was divine. Parting her with my fingers my tongue darted inside and lapped at her sweet nectar, savouring the taste as I devoured her sodden cunt. I teased her mercilessly, pushing her close to orgasm and backing off again and again, relishing her bucking hips as they responded to the ministrations of my tongue. 
She was close to an orgasm now, her breathing shallow and ragged, her thigh muscles quivering and a constant stream of high pitched moans coming from her mouth. Licking slowly I reached for the purple toy. I brought it up beside my head and, leaving it switched off, pressed the tip against the soaked opening. Lifting my head back I slid the toy into her in one swift motion. She gasped and moaned louder as I started to thrust it in and out of her. I turned the buzzing beast on, intending to keep her in this state a little longer but the vibrations inside her and on her throbbing clit drove her over the edge and she came hard. The climax raced through her body causing the muscles below her waist to convulse as if stung by electricity and she let out a scream of pleasure, her body flushing bright red from cheek to cheek and her breathing returned slowly to normal as I switched the toy off and slowly eased it from her flooded pussy.

If you enjoyed that, my first book "A Taste of Erotica", a collection of 7 short stories is available to download:

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