Monday, 23 November 2015

A City View

The view from the balcony was always interesting. The city’s parks were just visible in the distance providing a backdrop of bright spring greens between buildings. Even the ever present sound of the bustling city was subdued from this height. As I stood, drinking coffee and watching people milling around like colourful ants, I cast an eye over the other buildings around me. The towering glass structure nearest had only recently opened and it was still a novelty to see lights on in the windows though most of the building was currently dark.
A flicker in the corner of my eye caught my attention as a light came on in one of the rooms opposite. It was in one of the new apartments that contained little furniture besides a large leather sofa, a huge plasma TV and a massive four poster bed that looked very out of place in such a modern building. I was beginning to wonder why the lights had come on when the door opened and a couple walked in. He was wearing a suit and she was wearing a short, brightly coloured dress that left little to the imagination even from this distance. Unable or unwilling to look away I watched as she stopped in the middle of the room while he walked around her, inspecting her the way a mechanic would a new car. He said something and she released the fastenings on her dress, letting it fall to the floor.

I felt a guilty thrill as I watched her step out of the dress and stand beside it, naked, while he picked it up and laid it neatly on the sofa. Taking something from his jacket pocket he approached her and reached up to stroke her cheek affectionately. He fastened the object, clearly a necklace of some kind around her neck and stepped back allowing me a clear view. I admired her body through the window, as she stood subserviently, dressed in nothing but the black collar he’d given her. I felt my body betraying excitement at viewing the illicit scene but I stayed still, letting the action unfold before me.
He led her through to the bedroom where she climbed onto the bed and lay on her back in the centre of the mattress, arms and legs outstretched towards the bed posts. Transfixed I watched as he opened a concealed door and took out a handful of silk scarves. Laying them on the bed beside her with almost reverential care he proceeded to tie them one at a time between her outstretched limbs and the posts. She lay, silent and serene as he deftly tied her. In his hands he held a final scarf and he kissed her tenderly on the lips before fastening it over her eyes.

Wondering what he would do next I kept watching, my arousal growing as I spied guiltily on her bound and helpless form. The man returned to his concealed cupboard and extracted a small wooden box that he took over to the bed. Taking his time, I assumed he was talking to her as he began to take objects from it. From my distant vantage point I couldn’t make out the objects and I briefly considered grabbing my binoculars to get a better view but I knew that if I moved they'd see me and the spell would be broken.

The man began to massage her breasts, rubbing and squeezing them. I could see clearly what he was doing as he pinched her nipple and pulled it, stretching her breast upwards. As he released it his other hand reached in and applied something metallic that I guessed had to be a clamp. Her back arched at the sensation as he squeezed and tugged on it, checking it was firmly fixed in place before repeating the process with her other nipple.

I maintained my position but began to rub my stirring cock through my trousers, enjoying the show. The next object he extracted from the box was clearly identifiable, a large purple vibrator. He fiddled with it, adjusting the settings until he found one that he was happy with and began to run it over her body. Starting at her neck, he moved the tip of the toy across her body, making her muscles tense so that she visibly pulled against her bindings. Working methodically, he worked down her body, circling her breasts with measured care before removing the clamps and applying the vibrating tip to her sensitised nipples, amplifying the sensations as blood flowed back into the tender flesh. Her back arched as intense sensations shot through her like a bolt of electricity.

The toy continued moving down until it reached the smooth flesh just above her thighs. He seemed to hesitate, bypassing the obvious target of her pussy, teasing and tickling her thighs instead. I smiled as she squirmed, pulling the scarves tight as she tried to wriggle away from his touch but failing. When he finally applied the toy to the slick entrance of her pussy I could almost hear her cry out as her thighs tried in vain to clamp tight around the purple shaft. He’d tied the scarves well and they held her legs immobile. She had no way of physically stopping him as he manoeuvred the toy until it slipped easily into her. With the toy ceaselessly vibrating inside her he stood up, kissed her on the lips and left the room. I watched, impressed at his discipline as he sat on the sofa and switched on the TV, leaving her writhing around the toy on the bed.
Turning from the cityscape I entered my apartment and went into the bedroom. Throwing open the curtains I flooded the room with bright light.

“You’ll never believe what I’ve just seen happening across the road, Kitten. It’s given me a few ideas and I’ll tell you all about it once I’ve released those bindings”


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