Sunday, 22 November 2015

Her First Test

Anya knelt, still and quiet. She wore suspenders, stockings and a blindfold. 
A deep male voice from behind her said.

“Be a good girl. Don’t move or make a sound”

She heard footsteps as he walked slowly around her, his footsteps echoing on the hard wooden floor. A hand touched her shoulder lightly and slid down to her breast cupping it gently. His fingers strayed to her nipple and pinched it hard. Anya knew better than to make a sound and suppressed the gasp that tried to escape her lips.

“Excellent” he whispered in her ear.

The footsteps receded and she strained to hear where he was. The sound of a door a few minutes later suggested he had left… but for how long? Anya knew better than to relax. The floor was cold and hard on her knees but she wouldn’t move, not this time.

She heard the door again. No foot steps yet though. She waited, still and silent. Was that breathing she could hear? She wasn’t sure and strained to hear, inclining her head slightly to the left.

A line of hot pain appeared across her naked buttocks accompanied by the unmistakable crack of a cane on her flesh.

“I said not to move”

“Sorry mast…”

The pain flared again as the cane lashed across her buttocks once more.

“I also said not to make any noise”

Again the cane slapped across her arse raising a fresh welt. This time she remained impassive. The cane bit again. Four bright red stripes evident across her cheeks.

“Good girl. That’s much better. Now, open your mouth.”

Anya did as instructed and opened her mouth. She felt the cane gently touch her bum. It traced a line up her back and onto her shoulder before slowly moving down her chest. It paused on her breasts, lightly tapping her nipples which responded the only way they knew how, becoming as hard as the cane that was touching them.
The tip of the cane paused in her cleavage before descending
 across her smooth flat stomach and tracing the outline of where her pubic hair would be if she hadn’t carefully shaved it this morning. 

The cane passed lightly over her pussy before passing between her legs, sliding across her inner thigh for what felt like forever. It stopped then changed direction, moving upwards, passing into the cleft of her wet cunt. The cane was pulled.. it’s length pressing against her
 clit as it slid through her. The friction caused by the motion was hot on her lips initially but she was so wet it soon slid effortlessly, only the pressure on her clit betraying the fact it was still moving.

She still knelt immobile, mouth wide open, her senses heightened by the blindfold induced darkness. The pleasure was almost too much for her to bear.

As the cane disappeared her senses strained to work out what was coming next.

She felt something lightly touch her lips, the scent was
 unmistakable and it was all she could do not to move. His cock circled her mouth, the tip passing over her lips tracing the outline of her mouth, teasing her.

“Very good” he said
“You may swallow”

With that he thrust his cock onto her mouth. She took it hungrily, deep into her throat and did her best to remain still as he thrust again and
 again into her mouth. Reaching down he grasped her tits roughly and squeezed her nipples hard as his cock started to twitch in response to the actions of her tongue and the suction of her hungry mouth.

His cum slammed into the back of her throat and she swallowed it all unhesitatingly as his cock spasmed in her mouth, his balls emptying themselves into her.


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