Saturday, 21 November 2015

A lesson in time

The old man sat quietly on the park bench. It was a beautiful sunny day and he was leisurely eating his way through a sandwich that had been carefully wrapped in greaseproof paper. He ate slowly at the pace of a man who had all the time in the world to enjoy the warm sunshine and watch the world race past him.

As he ate he cast his eyes over the park around him, focussing on nothing in particular but seeing everything. A movement at the edge of the shady grassed area in front of him caught his eye. A young couple were walking silently from the bushes and heading towards the path that passed his bench. The man was well dressed, looked to be in his early twenties and had a relaxed but confident air about him. He smiled as he walked. She was walking a pace behind him, her head cast downwards and smiling serenely. As they drew near it was evident that the young woman was wearing a coat that seemed far too warm for the weather. It was tightly closed from neck to hem as it would be on a cold winters day and looked out of place on such a warm day. The old man gazed curiously at the couple, the hint of a smile began to form at the corners of his mouth as he spotted the scarlet leather collar around the woman’s neck. The couple paused when they reached the path and the man whispered something in her ear that caused her cheeks to flush and a brief flash of fear to flit across her face. She glanced around quickly, seemingly assessing the number of people around before once more looking down at the ground. He whispered something else to her and then, taking her hand, led her towards the bench opposite the old man.

When they reached the bench the young man sat down in the centre of the seat and patted the space beside him whilst looking up into the woman’s face. They were close enough now, barely 6 feet across the path, that their voices were clear and easily heard in the quiet surroundings.

“Sit beside me” the young man said

The girl sat quickly, pressing her knees firmly together and resting her hands in her lap.

“You must be hot. Undo your coat” he said quietly but with a firm undertone that implied it was more than a suggestion.

The girl untied the belt that cinched the coat around her and fumbled with nervous fingers to undo the buttons securing it. Releasing the last button her hands returned to her lap. Her coat had fallen open across her chest revealing her cleavage but remained closed. A sparkle appeared in the old man’s eyes, his lunchtime view was improving by the minute.

“Now stand up and face me”

The girl stood, holding her coat together as she did so and turned to face the young man.

“Take it off” he instructed

“But I can’t. We’re not alone” She protested

“I wasn’t asking. Take it off. Now.”

The girl hesitated, clearly nervous and unsure what to do. She bit her lip nervously and stood still like a rabbit caught in the glare of his eyes.

“I won’t say it again. Now.” His voice was the texture of velvet wrapped around an iron bar.
Slowly, reluctantly, she removed her coat and handed it to him. The old man could see why she’d been reluctant now. Apart from the collar around her neck she was naked. Her skin was pale and unblemished, her breasts were small but her nipples were swollen and flushed almost scarlet.

“Better. That wasn’t so hard now was it.” He said “I’m going to give you a choice about what happens next. Since you hesitated and balked when I gave you an instruction you must be punished. Would you like to remain naked while we walk back to the apartment or be spanked here and now?”

The girl almost blurted a response but thought better of it. “I’d like to be spanked now” She said, adding 
“Please sir” as an afterthought.

“Good choice. Turn to face the lake and hold your ankles”

She turned through 90 degrees and bent at the waist, extending her hands down to her ankles. As she turned the old man could see that her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment at being so exposed in such a public venue. He watched with interest as the younger man stood beside her and raised his hand briefly before delivering a hard slap to her buttock. She yelped in surprise.

“Quiet. Every time you make a noise I start again”

She clamped her lips tight as the young man’s hand repeatedly struck her exposed arse. A dozen strokes left her buttocks glowing pink in stark contrast to the pale flesh of the girls thighs.

“Good girl. You can put your coat on again now.” He said “Today’s lesson is over.”

The girl slipped her coat on, trying not to hurry and refastened it again, hiding her body away once more. Moving slowly, the young couple resumed their walk along the path and back towards the edge of the park. She no longer walked behind him but was beside him, her hand entwined in his.

Watching them go the old man shredded the last piece of crust from his sandwich and threw it onto the grass where it was instantly swamped by the ever present pigeons. He stood and turned in the opposite direction, heading for his home. Five short minutes later he entered his front door and closed it softly behind him.

“I’m home” He said loudly as he climbed the stairs. “You’ll never guess what I’ve just seen, it really took me back to our younger days. Let me loosen those knots and I’ll tell you all about it as I massage some life back into your arms”


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