Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A lonely train ride

The train was nearly deserted. It was late and the journey had been long and tiring. He had started out early when the train had been full of people ignoring each other and carefully focusing on the headrest in front of them: Each in their own little world, cramped, crowded but alone. A typical British commute.

Now, much later in the day, the carriage was empty. He was alone and dreaming of the sexy woman he was on his way home to see. A door at the far end of the cabin opened and he looked up. A young blonde haired woman in a tight mini dress was slowly tottering up the corridor on a pair of improbably high heels. From the way she was weaving along the aisle, clutching seats for support as she went, she either wasn’t used to her heels or had been drinking. She came closer, ignoring the mass of empty seats available in the carriage, she chose the seat directly across the aisle from him.

All was quiet for a while, the train rocked its way through the empty darkness. Occasional lights in the distance the only reminder that anything still existed in the wider world beyond the cold glass until a movement in the corner of his eye caused him to glance across the aisle. The woman was sat sideways, her back to the window, one foot on the seat with her legs spread wide open in his direction. Her eyes were closed and her hand was between her thighs, middle finger buried inside her up to the second knuckle. He had no idea if she was aware of him watching or not but the idea that it was a show for his benefit exited him.

He sat and stared, utterly transfixed as she continued to play with herself, seemingly oblivious to his presence. Pulling his phone from his pocket he pretended to read something on it while surreptitiously taking some pictures to show his lover later. She started to moan softly, responding to her own touch. He was transfixed, unable to look away and not sure if he wanted to or not. Her other hand started to massage her boobs through the dress. Her nipples were hard and clearly visible through the material. She pinched, squeezed and massaged herself, moaning and writhing in pleasure but all the time keeping her eyes firmly closed. The voyeuristic thrill was highly arousing and when combined with the vibrations of the trains motion, was causing a growing pressure in his underwear as his cock swelled and strained to gain freedom from the taught material.

A sharp intake of breath and a crescendo of moans suggested she may have reached climax. Sure enough, her fingers slowed and she clamped her thighs tightly around her hand. He looked away and studied his phone some more. Sneaking a look at her he was surprised to see she was sat demurely looking straight ahead, relaxed and with a sated smile.

The train slowed. We crawled through a station, the platforms deserted in the dark. As the lights disappeared once more the train accelerated and the normal rocking pace resumed.

A movement in the corner of his eye caused him to look around. She had stood up and was waiting in the aisle looking down at him. 

“Do I get to watch you now? Or are you going to fuck me?” Her voice had a hint of Scottish accent but no trace of the drunkenness he’d expected. Without waiting for an answer she straddled him and stared into his eyes.

“Kiss me” she ordered.

He didn’t need a second invitation. They kissed, hungrily. His hands grasped her breasts and squeezed, her nipples were hard against his palms. She unbuckled his belt, deftly popping the buttons on his jeans, not breaking the kiss for a second. Her hands slid into his open jeans and wrapped around his already solid cock. She began stroking it slowly within the confines of the denim. Stopping abruptly she stood.

“Take those jeans down. Now.”

He lifted his arse off the seat obligingly and she yanked them down around his ankles taking his underwear with them. He lowered his bum down onto the coarse material of the seat and she straddled him again. Her pussy was sodden and enveloped his cock instantly as she impaled herself onto it. She pressed her face into the nook of his neck and began to grind on his lap, sliding up and down his cock, occasionally biting his neck as she rode him.

All too soon he felt his cock stiffen further and a paroxysm of pleasure roll through him as he sprayed a jet of hot cum deep inside her. They both sighed and remained motionless for a time. The gentle swaying of the train and their hard breathing the only movement. The train began to slow. She stood and straightened her dress.

“My stop” she said.

She turned and tottered down the aisle without a further word leaving him sat alone, his jeans still round his ankles and his cum soaked flaccid cock exposed to the empty carriage. 


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