Thursday, 18 July 2013

Late for Class

Somewhere in the distance a bell was ringing.
“Damn, it can't be that time already!” Kelly thought to herself.
She was currently in a quiet corner of the library and needed to be in the building next door.
“Better finish this quickly and get going” she thought
Reaching out she slid her hand under the Football captains balls and slid a finger into his arse at the same time sucking even harder on his cock. His eyes widened in surprise and he came instantly, filling her mouth with the familiar taste of semen. It was a trick she’d learnt some time ago and always seemed to help finish guys who were taking too long to climax. She savoured the taste for a moment before swallowing it then stood.
Kelly turned and left without saying anything, she knew he wouldn’t hear it at the moment and he’d find her again later, besides, she had to get to her lecture. She was wearing a short summer dress and no underwear. She rarely bothered with bras as her breasts weren’t massive and frequently went without panties, there seemed little point since they were perpetually damp and she was forever taking them off anyway.
She made it to class with seconds to spare and no choice in where to sit. The only space left was half way up the lecture theatre, right in the middle of the room which placed her at head height for her Professor. She’d have to remember to keep her legs firmly closed today.
The general noise in the room subsided rapidly as a man walked in. He addressed the room.
“I’m sorry to say that Professor Millican is ill so I’m taking your class today”
Kelly’s jaw dropped. She rubbed her eyes and looked again, just to make sure she really was seeing the man in front of her. She flushed and slumped in her seat in a vain attempt to hide because she recognised him. She’d met the man in front of her before… last week in a bar. At the time she’d thought him pleasant enough and he claimed to be a salesman. They’d chatted and had a few drinks then ended up fucking in his car in the parking lot. 
She really hoped he didn’t recognise her today.
The lecture went well, he clearly knew his subject well and had the students attention totally focused on him for the duration of the class. Almost too soon the bell rang for the end of the day.
“See you all tomorrow” he said “Except you Miss Jones. Wait a moment, I need to talk to you”
She stayed in her seat as the other pupils stood and filed out noisily. As the last student left he turned and walked towards Kelly.
“Nice dress. But shouldn’t you be wearing something under it?” He asked with a wicked glint in his eye.
“The question is, should I punish you or just enjoy it? What do you think?”
Kelly was somewhat taken aback. Had he really just said that and which should she choose? Her body reacted quicker than her mind and her legs opened wide allowing him an easy view of her smooth shaven pussy.
“I suggest you enjoy the view - again” she said
Her hand moved automatically to her groin and she started to caress herself.
He watched with interest as her fingers teased her wet cunt and parted her lips, beginning to slip a finger inside.
“No. I don’t think that’s enough today” He said “Follow me” 
He turned and walked out of the room.
Too stunned to do anything else Kelly stood and picking up her bag she followed him out of the door and down the corridor. Walking along the corridor Kelly worried about where they were going and what he was going to do. Was he going to report her? Would he have her thrown out of school? They were in an unfamiliar part of the building now, walking through quiet corridors and empty rooms but she followed blindly and automatically. 
Stopping at the end of a dark corridor he brought out a key and unlocked the door. They both stepped inside and he closed the door behind her. It closed with a firm thunk and she heard the snick of a lock sealing it firmly.
“Now Miss Jones, what am I going to do with you?”
“Anything you want to” she blurted without thinking. Her mouth did have a tendency to get her into trouble and today was no exception.
“I hoped you were going to say that” He said with a smile. “Take that dress off and stand by the desk”
Wide eyed, Kelly was too shocked to argue. Her dress hit the floor in record time, even for her, and she stood obediently beside the desk in nothing but her shoes.
“Now bend over and hold your ankles”
She did as she was told and bent double exposing her smooth round arse to his gaze. She was used to being naked in front of men but this time she was nervous, feeling ridiculously exposed to his gaze and surprisingly aroused by it.
He stood silently for a few moments, the only sound his breathing. With no warning he lashed out and slapped her buttock hard with his open palm. The sound was loud in the small room.
“Ow” she cried
“Quiet. I’m going to spank you again. You’re a naughty girl and you will accept this spanking quietly to teach you or a lesson. If you cry out I’m going to have you thrown out of this college.”
His hand slapped her other buttock and she flinched but stayed quiet. The pain was sharp at first but slowly faded to a duller throb. She felt her cheeks growing hotter with each strike. As he continued to spank her she stopped feeling the pain and instead, much to her dismay she found herself becoming ever more aroused. His hand lingered on her arse this time and she felt it stray to the smooth, wet cleft between her thighs. 
“You seem to be enjoying this too much” he said and she heard the unmistakable noise of his belt being unbuckled. Surely he wouldn’t use that on her? It was followed by the sound of his zip and she almost sighed with relief.
She felt the pressure of the tip of his cock against her pussy and rather than wait for him she pushed backwards enveloping his hard cock in her needy cunt. Grabbing her hips he fucked her as hard as he could, the slap of his thighs against her glowing red arse loud in the office. She clasped all of the internal muscles she could summon and squeezed his cock tightly as he thrust. Her pleasure at the wrongness of the situation made it feel better than it was and her climax was drawing near when she felt him stiffen and pause mid thrust. His cock pulsed inside her and she felt the hot release of his cum as it spurted into her wet pussy.
He withdrew and dressed rapidly leaving her to collect her dress and put it back on. 
“I hope you learned a valuable lesson today young lady. Have you anything to say for yourself?
“You could have waited a little longer” she said disappointed at his timing.
“Still cheeky? Detention, here tomorrow after classes” He said with a smirk
“Anything you say, Sir” she responded, knowing that she didn’t really have a choice and hoping that he’d get better with practice.
He unlocked the door and showed her out. She wandered slowly along the corridor, dazed and frustrated, his cum dribbling slowly down her thigh, in search of the football captain. At least he knew how to make her cum, and she needed that now.


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