Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Hotel

 I waited nervously in the room. The surfeit of adrenaline that filled my body was causing my pulse to race and my hands to feel clammy. She always had this effect on me, every time we met like this I was nervous and excited in roughly equal measure but I knew that the minute I opened the door and saw her standing there all my worries would evaporate and I’d be left riding a tidal wave of passionate lust.

Time dragged as I paced the room, flitting between the door and window as I waited, hoping to see her walk across the car park or hear the nervous knock at the door that would mean she’d arrived. My phone buzzed and I paused to check the message; It simply read ‘Just parking. x’ but it sent my heart cartwheeling around my chest and a squadron of butterflies to take to the wing deep in my stomach. Grabbing the room key I darted into the corridor, eager to catch her before she left her car. I practically jumped down the stairs, taking two or three at a time in my haste to reach the doors and the outside world.

The sunshine was spectacularly bright, causing me to blink furiously as I waited for my eyes to adjust to the sudden intensity but I kept walking along the path towards the car park, drawn by an irresistible force that urged me on. I rounded the corner of the building and saw the wide expanse of tarmac full of vehicles. I looked for hers, trying to see if I’d I been quick enough to catch her. Then I saw her, getting out of the low slung sports car that she loved to drive fast. She must have sensed me because she turned at that precise moment and saw me coming towards her. I watched her face light up with sheer delight and felt my heart soar in response. My face was displaying an equally ecstatic grin as I loped across the hot ribbon of asphalt to reach her. Each step closer caused a growing tension in my jeans and I knew suddenly that today we weren’t going to make it to the room before consummating our mutual needs. I had to have her, here and now.

By the time I reached her I could feel my fully engorged cock straining against the denim, trying to fight its way to freedom by sheer force alone. Wrapping my arms around her I inhaled the delicate scent of her perfume as she buried her face against my neck. She felt so good pressed against me, I didn’t want the moment to ever end. I felt her pull away from me slightly and looked down to find myself gazing into her upturned face. We grinned, a wicked, hungry smile at each other before leaning in and losing ourselves in a kiss of such intensity that we didn’t notice the car beside us had driven away until we surfaced for air. I pulled her back into a kiss and as our tongues entwined her hand pressed against the front of my jeans and slowly rubbed her palm along the length of my cock through the taut material.

Releasing her from my firm embrace I took her hand in mine and stepped away from the car, heading for the gardens. Wanting, needing more than a kiss I didn’t stop, heading deeper into the undergrowth towards a secluded spot we’d discovered on our last visit. Less than a minute later we ducked under a low hanging rhododendron branch and into the cool dark void hidden inside the shrub.

We turned to face each other and kissed again. Our tongues battled as our hands explored each other's bodies. I caressed the smooth skin of her legs as my hands moved up beneath her skirt, feeling goosebumps pucker her delicious flesh beneath my touch, savouring the perfect smooth inner thighs as I sought the evidence of her arousal. I felt the heat radiating from her pussy before my fingers met the dripping flesh and I smiled as her juices coated my finger tips. I teased her momentarily, just grazing her sodden flesh before plunging my index finger inside her, eliciting a gasp from her. The moist heat was intoxicating and I needed to feel her wrapped around me very soon.

As our lips met her hands started to explore, teasing my belt free of the buckle and popping the buttons of my fly in rapid, staccato succession. She pushed the jeans down just far enough to pass the curve of my buttock and they fell in a heap around my ankles. Free from the chore of undoing buttons, her busy hands started to play, one raking my buttocks with nails while the other wrapped itself around my swollen shaft and began to stroke slowly but determinedly.

Pulling my lips from hers I gazed into her eyes, pulled my hand from between her thighs and brought it up to my mouth before sampling her delicious juices from my finger. The taste was intoxicating and amplified my need. Stepping between her parted feet I placed my hands on the backs of her thighs just below her buttocks and lifted her off the ground. Her eyes widened in surprise but her legs instinctively wrapped themselves around my waist as I filled her with my cock. She felt amazing as I buried myself deep inside her. Grasping her buttocks I matched the thrusts that her thighs were driving and we moved as one entity, thrusting and grinding against each other as we fucked hard and fast. I felt the growing tremor in her thighs and the pulse of her pussy around me as she came, her face buried in my neck in an attempt to minimise the volume of her cries. Her teeth grazed my neck and I felt my balls clench tight as they prepared to eject their contents. My cock swelled unimaginably, almost painfully before my orgasm ripped through me and I felt it convulse once, twice a third time as her pussy clenched around me, milking the creamy liquid from me and causing my legs to tremble with a combination of pleasure and exertion.

My knees gave out and we collapsed, a hot, wet and deliriously happy tangle of flesh.

“I’m so glad I married you” I eventually managed to say before she smothered my mouth with kisses once again.


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