Monday, 30 November 2015

A Handful of Fun

I stood in the doorway, transfixed, afraid to breathe in case I made a noise that disturbed the scene before me. She lay naked on the bed, lost in her own world as she caressed herself. The voyeuristic thrill I felt surprised me as my eyes soaked up every detail and followed the motion of her hands as they moved across her delectable curves. Despite the fact we'd been married for years it felt somehow wrong to watch her pleasure herself. It was something I'd never witnessed before and it had my pulse pounding and my groin throbbing within seconds.

I watched as she rubbed her breasts, stroking them with a circular motion that caused her nipples to swell visibly, flushing the deep pink that I knew so well. A strange jealousy filled me, I wanted it to be my hands caressing her, and feel her body respond to my touch. I could almost feel the weight of her breasts in my hands as my imagination supplemented the information from my eyes. My body responded instantly to the sight of her increasing arousal and I felt my cock start to swell in anticipation. The urge to disturb her and join in was hard to resist but I was enjoying the sight too much to interrupt the very intimate scene unfolding before me. She teased her nipples, running the palms of her hands over them before pinching them hard between her fingers, causing her back to arch and her head to turn in my direction. I froze, expecting her to see me but her eyes were closed and she seemed oblivious to my presence. My gaze followed her right hand as it strayed across her stomach, lazily tracing the fine silvery stretch marks that she'd worn with pride since carrying our son. I held my breath as her hand disappeared between her thighs and heard the soft sigh escape her lips as her fingers reached their destination. I imagined the warm, slick wetness that they encountered and tightened my grip a fraction as if mimicking the sensation.

Acutely aware of my own arousal, I stayed silent and curled my fingers around my shaft, moving my hand slowly and barely grazing the skin. I stroked my cock in time to the motion of her hands not wanting to achieve climax any time soon but relishing the feeling of my hand around it. On the bed, she raised her knees as her finger probed deeper. I wanted to move inside the room, to watch as she pleasured herself, to learn from her but from my vantage point in the door I could only listen to the sound of wet flesh and see the almost pained expressions of pleasure cross her face.

Her fingers increased their pace and her thighs clamped involuntarily around her hand, back arching gracefully as she pinched her nipple hard. The breath was coming harder and faster now and I could see the tell-tale pink blush spreading from her cheeks to her shoulders as she neared climax. I continued to stroke my cock gently, each touch sending an electric current racing through me which felt incredible but I knew I needed something more, and soon. A sigh escaped her lips as the first pre-orgasmic ripple rolled through her. I watched intently, curious to see if she’d stay at that level, riding the small waves of pleasure that I knew she loved me giving her with my tongue or if she’d go for a bigger climax. She began to move her hand rapidly and I had my answer, rubbing her clit at a frenetic pace far faster than I’d be comfortable with before slowing and plunging her fingers inside her wet pussy, causing her thighs to clench as she bucked her hips against her hand, each change in pace eliciting another sigh and bringing a fresh blush to her cheeks. She alternated between the two motions with increasing vigour, my own pace mirrored hers until a spasm wracked her body and I froze, holding my breath as she cried out I saw her back arch clear of the bed, the muscles of her arms and legs squeezing hard as a bigger climax filled her. She paused momentarily, riding the wave and waiting for it to subside so she could continue.

Her hand resumed a slow caressing motion and my gaze crept up to her face. Her eyes were wide open and she was looking at me, smiling.

"I'd ask how long you've been there, but from what I can see, you've have been there a while" She said, "Why don't you come in so we can both get a better look"

"I enjoyed that" I said

I walked in and stood beside the bed, looking down on her hungrily. I was tempted to slip between her legs and bury myself deep inside her as I normally would, but this was something different, something we hadn't done before and I was curious to see where it would go. She looked up at me and smiled before spreading her legs wide and continuing to play. My gaze was drawn to her hand and I watched as she used two fingers to spread the entrance to her deliciously inviting pussy open while the middle one rubbed her clit. I stroked my cock as I watched her fingers move, rubbing and dipping into her sodden flesh.

"Why have I never watched you do this before?" I asked

"I don't know." she said "But I love watching you stroke your cock. I want to watch you cum"

"That" I said "Shouldn't be too difficult to arrange"

I could feel her gaze focus on my groin as I switched hands to give her a better view of my fingers sliding along the swollen shaft. Knowing she was watching so intently was a huge turn on and I could feel my balls tightening as my cock swelled so hard it felt like hot steel against my palm. Her fingers continued to play. The soft wet sound as she rubbed her clit interspersed with the occasional slap of skin on skin as she plunged her finger inside was intoxicating. When she pulled her hand away and licked the glistening juices from her fingers it was more than I could stand and I became aware of my cock beginning to throb, each stroke making it feel more sensitive in my hand. I closed my eyes, unable to focus on anything but the ecstasy radiating outwards from every movement.

A familiar feeling was building inside me, the pressure of an impending orgasm made my balls ache and feel over-full as they squeezed tightly against me, readying themselves to be emptied. The pressure was unstoppable now and a wave of cool pleasure filled me, hairs standing up on end, my stroke faltered as every muscle tensed in anticipation. I opened my eyes as a streamer of hot white ejaculate sprayed from the tip of my cock, falling carelessly over her stomach. I kept stroking, slow, deliberate motions that sent electric current racing through me as I milked more of my sticky cum from my now over sensitised dick. Each spurt of fluid painted a fresh line over her, creating pale streams across the landscape of her body from the swollen buds of her nipples to the short curls of her pubic hair.

"I appear to have made a bit of a mess" I said

She looked up at me, a big grin on her face as I bent over to kiss her lips. Her arms and legs wrapped around me and she pulled me down onto her. I felt my rapidly cooling cum squishing between us as our bodies entwined.

“we're both messy now” She said with a wink

I tried to give her a stern look, and reprimand her but I failed miserably and we both collapsed in giggles, arms around each other, kissing like teenagers.


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  1. Wowzers, that was hot (and inspirational!) Well reported, your description was electric.