Friday, 17 February 2017

First Exposure

I woke to the sound of my flatmate closing the door and smiled to myself. Much as I enjoyed his company I still preferred those rare moments where I had the apartment to myself. My bed was warm and comfortable and I was in no hurry to be anywhere in particular. I lay there, fading in and out of sleep as my imagination ran through an increasingly depraved series of fantasies involving my fellow students and one featuring a very inappropriate lecturer. When I finally came to full consciousness I was aware of a dull throb coming from my groin and the certain knowledge that sooner or later I would satisfy that particular urge. I decided to practice delayed gratification and hold the thought for the shower later, that way I knew my climax would be bigger and better. Instead I concentrated on the next pressing need, coffee. As the flat was empty I rolled out of bed and wandered through to the kitchen without stopping to get dressed. The routine of preparing the coffee machine helped to distract my subconscious enough to deflate the swelling and reduce the urgency of the ache. With the machine making its welcome burbling noises and beginning to emit the familiar aroma of freshly brewed coffee I moved around the flat throwing the curtains open and feeling the warm sun on my skin. It was one of those spring mornings where the sun was hinting at future summer heat as it made its first real appearance since the winter. I paused in the centre of the living room, my eyes closed, revelling in the sunlight and the cold wave of goosebumps it raised on my arms.

The coffee machine drew me from my thoughts by emitting a final gurgling hiss as it brewed the last of the water. Our flat wasn’t large but it had one outstanding feature, a south facing balcony that looked out onto the small garden we shared with the other 5 flats in the block. The balcony itself had a waist high wall around it and was theoretically large enough to hold a double mattress if it wasn’t for the small table and chairs that we had out there. I had discovered some time ago that is was possible to sit out there and be invisible to the rest of the world.

Grabbing a mug of the steaming, bitter brew and my book, I made my way to the door that opened onto the balcony. I was determined to enjoy the morning light for a while before showering and facing the rest of the day. The aluminium chair was cold against my back so I grabbed the first thing I could find, a tea towel, from the kitchen and used it to insulate my back from the metal. I was soon lost in my book, sipping my drink sparingly and poring over the pages as the story unfolded. I hadn’t noticed the breeze that was slowly building until the door beside me slammed closed. The bang brought me crashing back to reality and I stood up to reopen the door. The handle wouldn’t move. Through the glass I could see that the key was in the lock and had a sudden sinking realisation that I was now locked outside of the flat, on a first floor balcony, stark naked with only a tea towel and a paperback to protect my modesty.

Fear gripped me. How would I explain this to my flatmate and what would happen if he came home with company. Worse still, what would happen if I was seen out here. Cruel nicknames were made in times like this, I’d never live it down. As the initial wave of panic subsided I began to think more clearly. The flat was equipped with a combination lock on the front door so I wouldn’t need a key. Having established that I would be able to get back into the flat through the front door I simply had to work out how to get there from my current position on a balcony the wrong side of the building without being seen. Easy then. I fought to keep the panic in check, closing my eyes and counting silently to ten.

Standing at the balcony I picked up the only thing available for some kind of cover, the tea towel. Pulling it around my waist I discovered there was just enough material to form a makeshift sarong but I could only tie a single knot. If I was really lucky it would hold and cover the most important parts, albeit only just. If it didn’t, well I didn’t want to dwell on that.

The next challenge was how to reach the ground safely. Looking over the edge of the balcony I realised that if I climbed over the edge and let myself hang from the bottom rail I would only have to drop 5 feet or so onto grass. From my vantage point the ground looked a long way down. The thought of breaking an ankle and having to call for help whilst wearing nothing but a small towel caused my pulse to race and my balls to shrink to walnuts as they attempted to hide from danger. Taking a deep breath to steady my nerves I climbed onto the first railing. It wobbled under my weight and I began to wonder if it would hold me at all. I held my breath, afraid to move but the railing held firm so I raised one foot over the top and froze, gripping the wood so tightly I thought I might leave finger impressions. This was madness. What on earth was I doing, I wondered to myself as I straddled the hand rail looking down at the ground which seemed so far away. A breeze lifted the corner of the towel, its icy fingers caressing my thigh and galvanizing me into action. Steadying my nerves I brought my other leg over the top and began to lower myself down the exposed side of the balcony. My pulse was racing as I steeled myself to take my feet from the last support. I gripped the railing with sweaty palms, letting my feet dangle past the balcony floor and hang in free space. There was no going back now.

I lowered myself a little, gripping the next slat on the railing. My waist was now level with the balcony floor and I felt a gentle breeze cause the towel to flap again, testing the barely adequate knot and I breathed a sigh of relief as it held. Lowering myself another rail I felt the breeze tugging at the material again and this time I realised with a sickening feeling the knot wasn’t going to hold. The material slipped and fell, fluttering to the floor, leaving me dangling naked. My cheeks flushed and dread filled me. I hoped that no one was home in the flat below or they’d have a horrific sight filling their window. Hurriedly lowering myself down the last few rails my hands reached the lip of the balcony and I hung there just long enough to be sure of my footing before dropping to the grass and crouching while I looked for the towel.

The towel was snared on a rose bush between where I crouched and the nearest window. As I stood to retrieve it I glanced through the window and saw the backs of two heads poking above a sofa. If either of them had turned around or the sofa were facing the other way they’d have had a real eye full. Pulse pounding in my ears I reached for the cloth, stretching for it as I eased forwards. I felt a sharp stab in my stomach as a thorn pressed against me I realised that the towel was out of reach. Disaster! I was now completely naked and stranded outside with no hope of covering my modesty. I felt the colour draining from my cheeks as terror filled me and I sank to a crouch behind the rose bushes, trying to make myself as small and inconspicuous as possible while considering my next move.

I scanned the garden frantically looking for something I could use to cover myself. I’d always been glad of the uncluttered garden but right at this moment I would have been glad of any number of random objects. About to give up on the hope of finding anything, a flash of yellow stuck in the hedge caught my eye. It was a frisbee, left where it had landed when the kids in the garden next door had thrown it over the fence: Hardly ideal but short of pushing into the vicious spikes of the roses it was all I could find. I dashed across the garden and pulled it from the bush, holding it over my crotch, a barely adequate and tiny shield.

In order to reach the front door I would either have to go out of the side gate, through the parking area and along the short road that connected it to the building or walk past two ground floor flats and the laundry. Knowing how close I’d come to being seen a moment ago I decided the parking route would be the easiest of the two.

The run to the rear gate was easy and I soon stood there, glancing furtively around the wall to see if the coast was clear. There was no one in sight so I slipped through the gate and started to make my way between the cars. I was halfway through when I heard a sound that made my heart sink. A vehicle was approaching. Pulse pounding in my ears I crouched low, hiding between a couple of parked cars and peeking through the windows. A battered van came slowly into sight and eased to a stop, parking just three bays from me. I watched, holding my breath as I waited for the occupants to leave, hoping desperately that they wouldn’t pass me. To my surprise and considerable relief, no one emerged. I counted to ten silently, ignoring the pulse thumping in my ears and listening intently for movement while time crawled slowly by. After what felt like minutes rather than seconds the van’s doors still hadn’t opened so I risked a closer look. There was no one in the front seats but I realised it was a design that meant the driver could go into the back without opening the doors. The sound of suspension springs creaking caught my attention and as I watched the van started to rock rhythmically. I smiled to myself, guessing what the occupants were up to. There was no way they were going to notice me so I didn’t waste any time, dashing past the rocking vehicle towards my flat and safety.

The tarmac felt hot and rough under my feet as I ran, the frisbee held in place protectively and providing minimal cover. A dog barked loudly behind me and I heard it’s claws scrabbling for grip as it set off after me. Adrenaline coursed through me and I ran as fast as I could manage, my pulse pounding in my ears and nearly drowning the sound of the pursuing dog. By the time I reached the entrance to the building I found myself grinning like a loon. I punched the access code into the keypad and grabbed the door as the dog rounded the corner of the building. The door was stiff and I knew it required both hands to open so I paused, took aim and and threw the frisbee in the direction of the dog. The brightly coloured disc sailed over its head causing the dog to change direction, chasing the new object and forgetting me. I yanked the door open and stepped through letting the door slam noisily behind me. I shot up the short flight of shared stairs that led to the door of our flat no longer bothering to attempt to cover my modesty. I was more interested in retreating into the safety of my flat as quickly as possible and hoping that I wouldn’t meet my neighbours on the way.

I reached my door without passing anyone and was soon nestled in the safety of my flat once more. I leaned against the door, letting out a huge sigh of relief at having survived the ordeal. As I stood there I glanced down and was mortified to realise that I was fully aroused. When that had happened I had no idea but at some point during the adventure I had somehow become very turned on. Whether it was the relief of being back in the sanctity of my room or of having been in being in such an outrageous predicament I didn’t know but I now had a throbbing erection that was demanding immediate attention.

I headed for the shower to ponder the implications of my reaction and to satisfy my body’s urgent need.


This is something a little different and may be the start of a series, that's certainly the plan in my head but it does depend to a certain extent on you. What do you think? Should I continue this series?


  1. I like it. Made me giggle and couldn't quit reading. Could totally picture it all vividly.

  2. A fantastic way to start the day... Mmmmmmm