Saturday, 21 November 2015

Unseen Pleasure

He lay there in the dark, ears straining to hear the slightest noise. He assumed it was dark because he’d heard the click of the light switch but he couldn’t be sure because of the heavy blindfold that was tied tightly around his head. He hadn’t been keen on that but by the time it had been slipped in front of his eyes he’d been in no position to prevent it. It was Anna’s fault. She’d had this great idea for a little foreplay.

It will be fun” she’d said. After a few drinks and a little flirting, well it did sound like fun so he’d gone along with it. That was why he now found himself tied spreadeagled, naked and blind on the bed in her bedroom.

He heard the door handle creak and the door open. Was that one set of feet or two that he heard? He couldn’t be sure. The bed creaked and he felt the mattress dip near his right leg. He felt hot breath on his leg and felt long loose hair beside it followed by a kiss. That must be Anna. He started to speak but a finger was pressed to his lips.

“Shhh. Don’t say anything, just enjoy.” a pair of lips pressed against his in a lingering kiss.
That was definitely Anna he knew the soft lilt of her voice anywhere, but if that was her finger and voice, who was kissing his thigh! He didn’t know but it felt great. That was all the persuasion his cock needed. It sprang into life and was soon fully aroused and ready to play – or rather ready to be played with.

The springs on the other side of the bed creaked now. A mouth kissed his other thigh. Now he knew for sure there were two of them, one on each side, slowly kissing their way up his thighs. As they reached his groin he. Could barely contain himself. It felt incredible and the anticipation he felt as two soft mouths neared his cock was so intense it was almost painful. He felt a wet tongue on one side of his hard shaft closely followed by a second on the other side. The tongues moved in unison, travelling up and down, teasing him with teeth and lips, nipping gently. Lips kissed the tip of his cock and a tongue lapped at the pre-cum leaking from it. The other fastened around his shaft sideways, teeth pressing softly into it.

The mouth round his shaft withdrew and started kissing his balls while the other enveloped his cock sucking it hard is his length slid deep down a throat. It didn’t feel like Anna, he knew her technique well but whoever was wrapped around him was clearly skilled at sucking cock. The sensations as the mouth worked on him where electric. He could feel suction as his cock slid in and out of the mouth, the tongue expertly wrapping and teasing his shaft as it moved.

The bed dipped on one side of his head and he felt smooth flesh against his cheek, rapidly followed by a similar shift in the mattress on the other side of his head. He felt flesh press against his cheeks and smelt the familiar scent of aroused pussy as it descended onto his mouth. He responded with his tongue, lapping at the clit he felt being pressed against his lips. Taking it between his lips he sucked it, using his tongue to flick it before probing deep into her pussy. The sigh of pleasure from her lips was enough to encourage him to continue, teasing and devouring the pussy, relishing the taste of her arousal. He was close to climax now, the mouth on his cock felt exquisite. A hand clasped his balls and he felt his cock explode, filling the hungry mouth around it with his thick cum. The mouth didn’t waiver, staying clasped around it as his cock spasmed once, twice, a third time, emptying his balls completely.  Finally the mouth withdrew and his cock was allowed to deflate. His mouth meanwhile was still busy savouring and pleasuring her pussy. Her hips twitched and bucked as he worked until finally she came, almost drowning him as she squirted what felt like gallons of liquid over his head. At the same time he felt a stream of hot liquid hit his chest and stomach but was too engrossed to really notice. 

Finally she lifted her pussy from his mouth and left the bed. He felt a mouth on his chest, kissing it softly before it traced a line down his abdomen with a tongue following the line of hot wet fluid he had felt hit there earlier.

He heard steps as they retreated from the room. 

He lay there exhausted and sated for what felt like hours before she came back to release him. No matter how many times he asked she never told him who the other person was…


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