Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A visit to remember

They wandered hand in hand through the old stone castle. It was a beautiful summer day and the sun was beating mercilessly down on the ancient building. A bead of sweat ran down the back of his neck as they walked but he ignored it, as oblivious to it as much as the faded grandeur of the buildings around him. His focus was on her and trying not to show the effect she was having on him. The loose shirt he wore had been pulled clear of his waistband not just as a fashion statement but also to hide his excitement from the world at large.

All around them a party of school children meandered, pretending to listen to the speech that the disinterested tour guide was reciting but really looking for evidence of weapons and past battles, hoping that the horrible histories they’ve heard about will be recounted in gory detail once more. He squeezed her hand and she turned to look at him, her face beaming with joy. Her smile was infectious and he found himself grinning madly back at her, cheeks flushing, trousers tightening a little more. Somewhere behind a girl giggled and he turned self consciously, convinced the laugh was at his expense but the girl was looking the other way, laughing with her friends. He returned his attention to his companion, tuning the giggles out.

They entered the keep, its thick stone walls kept the heat at bay and the air was instantly cool. A shiver ran down his spine as his damp shirt clung to his back and he unconsciously squeezed the hand he still held. She squeezed his hand back reassuringly. The throng of children milled around, funnelling into the narrow stairs that wound up the inside of the tower and they followed, caught up in the maelstrom of bodies. She reached the stairs first and released his hand, holding the loosely strung rope that served as a guide up the dim stairwell. He followed a handful of stairs behind, watching her buttocks jiggle enticingly under the thin skirt as she made her way upwards in front of him. The taunting sight a dozen inches from his face made the ascent harder still as his body responded automatically, his dick swelling further, becoming uncomfortably hard in his tight underwear. He wished they were alone so he could squeeze her delicious arse and run his hands up her exquisitely smooth legs but that would have to wait for now.

At the top of the dark stone spiral they emerged into piercingly bright sunlight causing them to blink and their eyes to water. The sight over the walls made the ascent worthwhile, a wide vista of undulating hills spreading away in all directions. Closer to the base of the walls lay a sculptured garden with hidden nooks and crannies that looked worth exploring. They stood looking over the edge of the wall. She was pressed against the parapet, the stone was cold and unyielding against her breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse. He stood close behind her, squeezing her into the wall so that she could feel his groin hard against her buttocks, as unyielding as the wall. Knowing full well the effect she was having, she ground her arse into him, rubbing his inflamed passion with her firm flesh while he tried to look interested in the view. The throng of children were moving around the tower, heading for the exit and they moved with them, swept up in the noisy tide as they headed for the stairs down. Again, she led the way down the stairs and he followed closely taking the opportunity to peek down her blouse as they descended. Her pale cleavage was captivating and he nearly lost his footing twice as he focussed too much on the glimpse of pale skin rather than the stairs.

At the base of the keep the school children scattered, running in random directions in groups of two or three in search of space to run or to sit and eat their sandwiches. The pair walked slowly hand in hand towards the highly structured garden they’d seen from above, thoughts of food far from their minds. It was hot as they walked and both were sweating nervously as they made their way away from the crowds, their hands clammy in each other’s grip as they exchanged grins. The gardens were neat, immaculately ordered and deserted. Rounding a corner they realised that they were isolated from view and alone at last. Slowly turning to face one another they smiled and kissed. Her lips felt electric against his and their first contact was timid and gentle. As the seconds passed, the kiss increased in intensity, mouths opening and tongues slowly beginning to explore new territory. She closed her eyes as he released her hands, pulling her close and placing his hands firmly on her buttocks, squeezing them timidly.

A crunch of gravel sounded nearby and they parted like startled rabbits, looking around wide eyed to see who was approaching. An old couple rounded the corner of a hedge and walked slowly towards them, laughing and chatting to each other as the wandered hand in hand. The man looked him in the eye and winked as they walked past as if to acknowledge their secret before disappearing around the next corner.

“Come on, let’s go this way” She suggested, indicating a trellis archway that the old couple had just come from.

Hand in hand they disappeared into the shade of the trellis. The scent of jasmine hung heavy in the air as they walked into the dark shaded path. Thick shrubs flanked the path obscuring the manicured gardens surrounding them. A small alcove containing a statue stood off to one side and she ducked into the space beside it, pulling him into her arms and tilting her head up to look him in the eyes.

Placing his hands either side of her head he kissed her on the lips. Their tongues met and they kissed breathlessly. Her hands pressed against the swelling inside his trousers and he groaned as if in pain. Ignoring his reaction she slid her hand over the material, seeking the zip that contained him. He responded by letting go of her head and placing his hands on her firm arse after dropping them below the hem of her skirt first. The thin material of her underwear was all that separated her flesh from his as he squeezed firmly, savouring her responses to his touch. His right hand became more daring, moving around her leg to the smoother, softer skin inside her thighs. Here he paused, pulse pounding in his ears, gently stroking the tender flesh as he plucked up the courage to go higher.

She showed no such restraint. Finding the metal tab of his zip she tugged it downwards, as low as it would go. As it reached the end of its travel she let go and slid her hand into the gap in the material, groping eagerly for her prize. Her fingers met the fabric of his underwear and she felt his rock hard cock through it. A deft movement of her fingers and his flesh was free of its confines and firmly in her grasp. He closed his eyes at the unfamiliar rush of sensations shouting from his groin that threatened to overwhelm him. Concentrating hard he breathed slowly and deeply as she continued to kiss him, tugging inexpertly but enthusiastically with her hand. Realisation hit him hard and he knew that he only had moments to enjoy this. The hand between her thighs shot upwards and pressed firmly against the material of her underwear briefly before his fingers groping awkwardly, pushed the material aside and pressed against the hot damp orifice he’d been aching to feel. Her pussy was slick to his touch and he pressed a finger against it, not really knowing what to do but hoping against hope that he’d find his target before it was too late.

Her touch was rough but effective and he felt his balls tighten perceptibly, as his throbbing cock started to pulse, balls tensing as they readied themselves to empty. Every muscle in his body clenched as pleasure washed through him, his eyes closed and his fingers flexed. Somehow, finding the right angle on its own, his index finger slipped inside her. He was shocked by the sudden damp heat enveloping his digit and nearly withdrew it but somehow found the presence of mind to push it deeper instead. Startled, her eyes opened wide and her hand paused mid stroke, briefly before continuing faster than before.
Seconds later the sensations overwhelmed him and his cock convulsed in her hand spraying the contents of his balls with huge force all over her thighs. Streamers of thick sticky fluid covered her legs as he pulsed again and again in her hand. Resting his head on her shoulder they stood still, afraid to move, his finger still buried inside her but immobile.

Footsteps crunched on gravel in the distance and they jerked apart quickly, the moment lost. He took out his handkerchief and wiped himself dry quickly before tucking his rapidly shrinking member away and restoring his modesty. He passed her the cloth and she wiped as much as possible from her legs, glad that her skirt had escaped the sticky fluid.

The footsteps came slowly closer and they embraced silently, chastely as another couple walked past, barely glancing at them.

Somewhere in the distance a whistle sounded, three short shrill notes sounded. It was the signal for the school party to return to the coach for the trip home.

Reluctantly they turned and walked hand in hand back towards the castle. As they neared it they let go of each other’s hands and watched the children climbing back onto the coach.

“I suppose we’d better get on board too” she said

“I guess so” he replied “come on, or they’ll go without us”


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