Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Classroom Adventure

She stood at the front of the class watching over the young adults in her care. They were engrossed in today’s test, most had their head down and were writing frantically on the paper, a few were gazing out of the window, idly chewing the end of their pen as they considered what to write or perhaps just their next meal. Her phone buzzed in her pocket indicating a new message and she did her best to ignore it, trying to concentrate on the kids in front of her. It buzzed again. She wanted to ignore it but if it was from Him and she ignored it she’d be in trouble later. A quick peek at the screen wouldn’t hurt and it was nearly break time anyway. She slipped the phone surreptitiously from her pocket and glanced at the notifications nervously. There were two messages demanding her attention, both from the man who was her Lover and her Master.

The first read :
‘Your task for the afternoon is to remove your underwear and insert your ben-wa balls at break time and leave them in for the last lesson. Then wait on your desk after class.’

She flushed furiously. How could she possibly get away with that here in class? Surely that was just foolish, he couldn’t be serious. But her mind wandered back to a weekend last month when he’d challenged her before and she’d warn them in public without getting caught. Admittedly she had actually cum twice that time and in a very busy restaurant but no one had caught her. She felt her cheeks glowing red and her nipples stiffen at the memory. She glanced around the room guiltily to see if anyone had noticed her reaction but the class was oblivious to her mood so she read the second message.

‘You will of course have to show me before class resumes, I will be waiting for the picture’

Well that was normal and nothing she hadn’t done for him before. Still, the notion of sending him pictures always thrilled her: The thought of the reaction it would trigger in him and of his delicious cock swelling for her always left her unable to resist.

She jumped as the strident bell rang sounding the end of class. The Kids all looked up expectantly, all eyes focussed on her and preparing to leap from their seats at her signal.

 “Put your papers on my desk as you leave. Then you can go.”

They moved as one, the screech of chairs being pushed back on hard floors was deafening as they all stood and made a dash for the door. Within 30 seconds the room was silent and she was left to her thoughts.  Collating the haphazard heap of papers into a single neat pile took seconds and she neatly filed them in a drawer before dashing out of the room herself, pausing only to collect her small bag from under her desk before heading to the ladies toilets and some privacy.

She was relieved to see no one else was in the restroom when she got there so selecting the stall furthest from the door she locked the door and removed her already damp panties without any hesitation. Stepping out of them she balled them in her fist and tucked them into a corner of her bag making sure they were the opposite end to her keys. She’d made that mistake before and thrown them across the car park in front of colleagues, much to their amusement. Next she retrieved a small velvet bag that jingled faintly as she lifted it. The material was thick and was a very effective silencer that worked well enough for her to carry the balls with her without being noticed. Placing her hand between her thighs she verified what she already suspected – she didn’t need any lube today as she was already drenched and the balls would slip in easily. She sat on the edge of the toilet seat and spread her legs wide to make it easy. The balls slipped in easily and she sighed to herself as they settled inside her, partially filling her and taking her arousal up another level. The golden thread that joined them extended down in a loop and, leaving that protruding from her smooth damp lips to prove the presence of the balls, she took a quick picture with her phone and sent it to him.

Walking back to her classroom she was conscious of the balls moving inside her. Each step caused a ripple of sensation to course through her and she walked slowly, placing each foot with care and clenching the balls tight so that they didn’t fall out of her. A few members of staff stopped to chat en route and she concentrated hard, trying to mask her arousal and appear interested in their words.

Finally she reached the sanctuary of her room and sat on her chair. If she didn’t move too much it would be fine and she’d get through the next hour without too much difficulty. A bell rang and kids started to stream back into the room, settling into their seats, filling the room with noise and activity. Thankfully it was another simple test so she didn’t have to teach however she did have to walk slowly around the room placing a test paper on each desk and making sure they were ready. She was convinced that if she relaxed the balls would drop to the floor in front of everyone or they would move noisily and someone would notice. By the time she was back at her desk she could feel a bead of perspiration running down her spine from the effort of clenching as she walked.

“You may begin” she said

The next hour seemed impossibly long as she tried to concentrate on watching the class and making sure that no one was cheating whilst trying not to move and to ignore the messages from her throbbing pussy as her arousal built inexorably.

Finally she heard the bell ring, signalling the end of the day and of her tortuous class. The kids streamed out noisily as she perched on the edge of her desk, motionless except for a growing smile as the balls echoed the vibrations of the massed footfalls. As the last student left the room she felt a trickle of fluid seep onto her inner thigh. She shivered as the slow trace of her arousal flowed down her thigh, cooling as it went.

There was a knock at the door and she looked up, startled to see him standing there already. He walked in, leaving the door wide open behind him, and stepped slowly to her desk.

“Are those shiny balls still snug in your tight little cunt?” he asked.

“Yes Sir, of course”

“Good girl” He replied.

He picked up a ruler from a desk and flexed it between his hands, taking a swipe into his palm, testing its strength and feel. Her mouth went dry at the thought of that ruler leaving stripes across her pert buttocks, here in her classroom. An involuntary shiver ran up her spine. He put the ruler back on a desk and removed his tie, tugging the silk slowly from his neck and letting it hang loosely from his hands as he approached her.

“Close your eyes” He instructed

She did as instructed and he wound the tie twice around her head, covering her eyes and fastening it tightly so she was effectively blindfold. Taking her hands in his he guided her.

“Turn around and lie on the desk. Press those hard little nipples of yours into the desk and hold onto the wood tightly. Don’t let go no matter what happens or I’ll use that ruler on you”

She gulped nervously. She suddenly felt very exposed laid over her desk with her arse pointing into the room as she remembered that the door was still wide open. She felt him lift the hem of her skirt and pull it up onto her back.

“Spread your legs as wide as you can, I want you flat on the desk and wide open for me.”

She shuffled her feet further apart and flattened herself, her head hung over one side of the desk while her arse and pussy were exposed completely the other side. Steps sounded behind her and she heard the door finally close. Ears straining to hear his movement she felt hands on her buttocks. They caressed her cheeks and explored her thighs inching ever closer to her exposed sex and the sodden cord that hung there. She felt tugging on the cord as he started to tease them from her.

“Clench them tightly little one, the longer you keep them inside the better for you”

She tried to keep them inside, clenching with all her might but her sodden pussy was unable to keep a grip on them and the first ball left her with an audible pop. Another few tugs and the second ball fell out, landing noisily on the table. The space inside her was instantly filled with a finger sliding deeply into her. She sighed, grinding herself onto the finger as it slid smoothly in and out of her lubricated slit. A second finger joined it and stretched her wider, the fingers parting inside her and stroking two sides of her pussy simultaneously causing her to squirm deliciously. The sound of a belt buckle and a zip being slowly released was followed by the clatter of the buckle hitting the floor as his jeans fell round his ankles and she felt the hot tip of a cock press against her thighs. Wasting little time she felt the hands disappear and his cock against the sodden lips of her pussy, pausing briefly before plunging deep inside her. She bit her lip in an effort to avoid crying out as he thrust into her slowly but firmly, pressing the sharp edge of the desk against her legs as she felt her first orgasm set her nerves alight. His hands grasped her hips firmly and uncharacteristically as he slowly built the pace of his thrusting.

“You look as though you’re struggling to keep quiet, Let me help you with that. Open your mouth”

She opened her mouth wide, struggling with the idea that this would help her stay quiet and heard the unmistakable sound of a zip in front of her. Before she could register her surprise her mouth was filled with a large cock. She recognised the taste of him instantly knowing that this was him and suddenly wondering who was pounding at her pussy. Pleasure filled her as the two men fucked her simultaneously, using her and driving all conscious thought from her as wave after wave of sensation raced through her body. The cock in her pussy seemed to swell significantly as his thrusting slowly to a staccato pace, his breathing sounded ragged as he moved spasmodically and with one final thrust she felt him spray his load of cum deep inside her. She felt him withdraw and hot fluid oozed from her, running down her thighs and pooling on the floor. Her mouth clamped tightly around his cock as it emptied the contents of his balls in her hungry mouth. Keeping her lips wrapped firmly around him she swallowed every drop, lapping the last traces from the tip before letting him withdraw.

She stayed in place, motionless while her body came down slowly from the heights of pleasure. Steps sounded behind her but she paid scant attention until finally she felt hands releasing the tie around her head and she blinked furiously at the sudden light.

“Good girl.” He said “I hope you enjoyed that”

He helped her to a sitting position, holding her in his arms and stroking her hair while she sat there in a post orgasmic daze, wondering about the identity of the second man but not sufficiently curious to ask.

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