Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Mile High Club

I was sat in my favourite long haul seat, the one by the emergency exit that has the extra legroom. It was the first time I’d flown this particular route and the plane was nearly empty so I had all three seats to myself, in fact the nearest person was 4 rows behind me so they clearly weren’t making any money on this flight.

As a seasoned traveller I am adept at filling long journeys with films, books and sleep but after glancing through the lacklustre list of entertainment available I’d decided it was going to be a long journey. Thankfully the lack of passengers meant that the flight crew were overly attentive and being a sucker for a pretty smile I was soon chatting and flirting outrageously with them all. After a surprisingly pleasant meal the cabin lights went out and people started to doze off.  Not one to sleep on planes, I switched on the reading light and immersed myself in a good book.

“Do you mind if I join you?”

I looked up to see Hailey, a stunning flame haired flight attendant that I’d been flirting with earlier.

“Of course not, make yourself comfortable” I said

She sat in the seat next to me and placed a hand on my thigh. My shocked gaze was drawn to the hand until she whispered in my ear, her breath hot on my neck.

“Everyone else seems to be asleep. Amy and I were chatting and it seems I the only member of flight crew not a member of the club… so she dared me to do something about it.”

My eyes widened. Surely she wasn’t suggesting what I thought she was? I turned to look her in the eyes.

“Yes” She answered my unspoken question, “I’m asking if you’d like to help me win a dare by fucking me here and now”

My pulse raced as I contemplated her suggestion. I looked her intently in the eyes to see if she was being genuine or just playing with my emotions. Her eyes were a deep shade of green and they sparkled with mischief, her lips were spread in a broad grin that looked ready to devour me. Looking down I could see a pair of impressively protruding nipples straining against the inside of her blouse and see confirmation of the swelling that I was already feeling inside my trousers.

“When you put it that romantically, how can I possibly refuse?” I said, barely able to believe that I was actually agreeing to it.

“I hoped you’d say that”

Her hand moved along my thigh and pressed into my crotch as if assessing my state of arousal. Leaning in, she kissed me on the lips, a long slow, lingering kiss that set my pulse racing harder and faster, adrenaline flooding my system and drowning the last wisps of doubt in a haze of lust. She must have felt the increased stiffening under her palm as she smiled into the kiss. I lifted a hand to cup her breast, aiming to stroke the hard nipple that was barely concealed and discovered to my surprise and delight that she was bra-less. Her swollen nipple was hot and hard in my palm as I squeezed it through the thin fabric.

“I came prepared” She said with a wink as our lips separated.

Her perfume was subtle but delightful, the delicate scent of flowers filled my nose as I nuzzled her neck, kissing and nipping the soft flesh above her collar, my fingers working at the buttons on her blouse. By the time the last button parted I was fully engorged and my trousers were becoming painfully restrictive. Slipping a hand inside her top my fingers grazed her smooth warm flesh, I ran a nail around her full breast, tracing a spiral in towards the nipple before cupping the firm orb in my hand, feeling its delicious weight and pinching her nipple between my fingers. She gasped slightly and I looked around quickly, craning my head over the seat back to see if anyone had heard but the sound was lost in the background roar of flight. No one was stirring and the only face I could see was another flight attendant loitering at the back of the plane feigning disinterest.

Hailey’s hand stroking my cock through my jeans brought my focus sharply back to her. Kissing deeply, breathlessly,  she leant over me and raised both arm rests beside me creating a little more room before hitching her skirt to the top of her thighs and straddling me. She was short enough that her head was level with mine so wouldn’t be visible from behind but perfect for kissing. I felt her heart racing beneath my touch as I kept my hand on her breast, loving the feel of it in my palm. Her trembling fingers fumbled with my shirt buttons as she worked to undo them. Her nervousness was exciting and I felt that extra thrill run through me, revelling in being so daring in a public place. My hands left the sanctuary of her blouse and explored the rest of her body. Her arse was firm and beautifully rounded, my hands smoothing the material of her skirt over her as they went until they reached the hem where it lay stretched tight across her hips and my lap. Hooking my thumbs inside the material and pressing my clammy hands against her stockings I eased the material up. I paused as my hands found her stocking tops and savoured the transition from nylon to super smooth flesh beneath my fingers. My heart was beating ever faster, my arousal complete. Every sense was working overtime as sensations flooded my body. Her touch was electric and I almost jumped as her fingers parted my shirt and eased their way through the thick hair on my chest, pushing my shirt wide open in the process. Her skirt stuck firm, held between our legs and I gave up trying to move it, instead pulling her body in to mine. I felt her breath catch briefly as her nipples pressed into my furry chest, the hot swollen tips of her breasts felt fabulously hard and unyielding against me.

My balls throbbed with frustration, trapped in my jeans and under her weight they were painfully constricted causing me to to writhe under her. I stifled a groan as she moved, almost wincing at the pain of the extra pressure and aware that I really needed to free them soon. Sensing my discomfort she gave me a kiss on the lips, winked at me and shuffled off the seat, dropping to her knees between my legs.  I watched, rapt, as she reached for my belt. Her head tipped up and she looked me in the eyes, drawing me in, I was unable to look anywhere but into those beautiful green orbs as her hands worked to free the buckle then slowly and deliberately released the tension behind each button. Grasping the waistband she tugged downwards once, signalling her intent as if it wasn’t already obvious. I lifted my bum out of the seat, casting a glance around the cabin as my head cleared the seat back to check for movement while she tugged my jeans and underwear cleanly down my thighs, past my knees to lie tangled around my ankles. The prickle of coarse fabric on the cheeks of my bum as I lowered myself down was intensely pleasurable in my heightened state, sending an electric ripple of sensation coursing through me.

I looked down but Hailey wasn’t looking at me any more, her gaze was focussed on my lap. Her hands reached out and tenderly grasped my throbbing member as she gazed at it and gradually inched forward, pausing fractionally above the tip before kissing it tenderly. My nerves lit up at her touch and I grasped the cushion of the seat hard, denting the firm material as her mouth opened and enveloped my cock. Her lips closed around the shaft as she pushed her head down, taking me deeper into her mouth and finally throat as her nose pressed firmly into my short pubic hairs. I closed my eyes, letting the sensations streaming from my groin run rampant through my nervous system. Goosebumps raced along my arms and legs as an electric current raced through me at each movement of her tongue. Each breath that escaped her mouth sent pleasure racing through me as it passed my rigid shaft.

A wave of cold air across the tip caused me to open my eyes. She had stopped and was shifting position, ready to move. We locked eyes once more and she beamed a wicked grin before leaping on to me, straddling me easily with her thighs. Placing a hand either side of my head she kissed me passionately. I could feel the damp heat of her pussy pressing against my cock, burning it’s presence into my awareness. I shifted, wriggling slightly to allow her heat closer. I felt smooth skin press against my swollen tip then a little resistance as her sodden cunt parted a small amount, letting me feel her slickness around it before she shimmied almost imperceptibly and fell onto me. My cock buried itself in her hot pussy and I felt her clenching as she slowly flexed her legs, riding me, using me at her pace. My hands were free so I grasped her left boob in one, squeezing it and pinching her nipple between my fingers. The other snaked around her, grabbing her buttock then passing further round, my index finger extended and pressed against her tightly puckered arse, circling it as she thrust against me.

My senses were on fire, every movement of her body caused fresh sensations in me. Time and space had no hold on me as I let all conscious thought go, revelling in the now, riding the sensations and letting sheer pleasure be my only focus. My balls tightened and I felt a growing pressure as my body prepared for the final act. Her pace increased, her breathing heavy in my ears as she buried her face into my neck in an attempt to muffle her cries. The world stopped and my balls exploded in exquisite pleasure as my cock spasmed inside her and my finger sank into her arse as her muscles relaxed momentarily. The second convulsion in her tightly clenched and sodden pussy pushed her over the edge too and she tensed impossibly on top of me before melting into a soft ball of flesh in my arms, her breathing heavy and her smile genuine.

We sat like that for a while. I stroked her back while our combined fluids dribbled from her, around my softening cock and soaking the seat cushion. After an eternity that lasted only a few minutes she wriggled off of me and stood, straightening her clothing, pausing only to wink at me before walking off down the aisle to her waiting colleague.


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